Competitive South African Gaming clan – War Veteran – has released a press release about the 2upGamers’ ‘9th Leg Tournament’ 2v2 Modern Warfare 3 SnD and Fifa 12 2v2 competitions.

The event was staged by 2upGamers in Cape Town at the Parow Golf Course, MC’d by 2upGamers’ Glenn Alexander and our very own [ed: the brilliant] Clinton  ‘zombie dredd’ O’ Shea. Popular Mechanics and Wickus Nel from Ozone were the guests of honour.

Ozone Energy Drink South Africa took the opportunity to announce a new permanent venue for 2upGamers, which will be the Ozone Warehouse, due to host its first event on the 12th October.

War Veteran has chosen to clear the air on some changes within the clan following on the said tournament.  WV has expelled WV ReAcTzZ (now known as RazorbulletzZ) out of the clan, for what they describe as “his over-raging antics and lack of clan involvment.” The press release also points out that the now ex-member’s agenda opposed that of the clan.

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Hello all gamers. I would like to apologize for the late press release but I promise to keep everybody up to date weekly. 2 weeks ago 2upGamers had their 9th Leg Tournament where they had 2v2 MW3 SnD competition and Fifa 12 2v2 competition. The event took place in Cape Town at Parow Golf Course where we were ready to tee off the competition. Our MC for the night was Glenn Alexander from ZombieGamer who welcomed everybody including the guys over at Popular Mechanics and Wickus Nel from Ozone. We were then informed that the new permanent venue for 2upGamers will be the Ozone Warehouse and will host its first event from the 12th October. The night went on with snacks supplied by caterers from Parow Golf Course and some drinks from the bar (I did not drink any alcohol) and from there the gamers took their seats and were ready for action.

The elimination process which was successfully run by Zombie Dredd (Clinton) went quick and smoothly with 8 rounds of SnD being played on Dome. Teams of A/V, TnG, H5, GecoSports, F34R, XtaZ and of course WV were in the house. WV made it to the semi-finals but failed to score a win against the duo or XtaZ Eos and XtaZ Radical. In the end TnG took the victory over XtaZ but the night was not over. Wii Tennis was in the house and gamers took some time to have their fun in front of the Kinect swinging their rackets all over the place. Fifa was going smoothly until I saw my team lose :(. Nevertheless, a great night thanks to ZombieGamers and the gamers, family members and friends who attended. War Veteran would like to thank the gamers for their patience and friendliness towards us lately, we know who you all are and wont forget you.

We have also been taking on many clan matches, some frindly and some which were against potential clans who deserve recognition. RA-5, you guys are a hectic group and we here at WV would like to wish you well with your clan. 21cT, we applaude your efforts and your willingness to learn, please keep it up. sZ, your competititve edge and unknown style of play gives us the will to learn more and we wish you well on your way to becoming a clan to look out for. AX, you came to us unknown but now we know who you are, thank you for our match against you guys. We look forward to a rematch and friendship for all the clans we have played against.

Sorry for a long press release but before I conclude I have to point our some bad news. As was said in the last press release, we at WV will give you the facts and The Truth. Recently, we kicked WV ReAcTzZ (now known as RazorbulletzZ) out of our clan for his over-raging antics and lack of clan involvment. His sole agenda was Clan Challenges for Elite and nothing more which means absolutly nothing to our clan. We at WV do not worry about a clan level on Elite as it does not show or tell anybody anything about your “gameplay”. RazorbulletzZ has now come up with stories that we have had him banned from the MW3 servers because we told an abassador that he is a fraud, he has even stated that he has proof of this which he no longer has (I wonder why). He has even included WV LeVeLzZ in these lies saying that he got an email saying I was the one who got him banned. We have still not resolved the situation and he denies saying that he wants us bad rep’d, but little does he know (thanks to our frinds on XBL) that we have a recording of him saying this. We have proof, show us yours.

In conclusion, I would like to thank everyone at WV for your trust in my decisions and for believing in our reconstruction process. I would like to add that WV will now be branching to PC and PS3 which will hopefully be the start of great things. Please click on the links provided to support the clans including ZombieGamer, Ozone, Popular Mechanics and GecoSports. Second last thing, to all the clans out there, please be patient with challenges, we’ll ask you for the matches you no ask us :D. First last (lol), thank you to ZombieGamer for the interview on War Veteran. We appreciate you taking the time to get to know us and let the community know about us. Finally, if you have an accusation against WV, give us the proof and we’ll admit to the wrongs we did, lying gets you nowhere but into another lie.

Thank You and Happy Gaming for the War Veteran Family.


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