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This year, we will be part of the gaming at UCON 2014 in an even bigger way than the inaugural event hosted by UCT’s Genshiken Society in September 2013.

We will be offering the casual gamer as well as the competitive gamer plenty to do over the two days of the event. If you just want to come around and play a game to kill some time while you wait for the cosplay to kick off, then feel free to do so. But, if you fancy yourself a handy gamer keen to show the rest of the world (or UCON at least) how good you are, then we have the ‘Ultimate Gamer’ for you.

On 29 and 30 March, we will be hosting a total of six titles which will count towards points for the ‘Ultimate Gamer’ leaderboard. We will in fact be offering anyone who simply participates in the title a single point because we want you to participate. Finish in the top eight and you bag yourself some serious points to count towards your ranking.

However, four of the six titles will be treated as self-contained tournaments, so if you’re a FIFA player and can’t stomach the violence of a first-person shooter, then you can choose to only play in the FIFA tournament. We will still award your points earned to you, but obviously the players that participate the most and rank consistently in the top eight will most likely take the title of ‘Ultimate Gamer’. You may just be crowned the UCON 2014 FIFA Champion. Or Call of Duty Champion. Or…

Ultimate Game Event Schedule

These are the titles being played over the two days. Please note that failure to be available at the start of the timed events will mean you cannot enter and accumulate points. Guitar Hero and Forza 4 will be ongoing and you can set your high score or fastest lap when you get the chance to. The other events will be elimination events. All games will only be played on Xbox 360, and are free-for-alls, so when shooting, shoot anything that moves…

Day 1 (Saturday 29 March):

  • Call of Duty Ghosts (starts 11am)
  • FIFA 14 (starts 12pm)
  • Guitar Hero
  • Forza 4

Day 2 (Sunday 30 March):

  • Halo 4 (starts 11am)
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us (starts 12pm)
  • Guitar Hero
  • Forza 4

Points per placing:

1st: 12 points | 2nd: 10 points | 3rd: 8 points | 4th: 6 points | 5th: 5 points | 6th: 4 points | 7th: 3 points | 8th: 2 points


Prizes are still to be confirmed but should include a prize for players finishing first in each of the individual games, along with prizes for the gamers finishing in first, second and third overall. Random prize draws are also planned, but details of all will be announced once our very kind sponsors have confirmed.


University of Cape Town
Sports Center

Casual Gaming

Alongside the Ultimate Gamer event (and equipment set aside for it) will be additional points for people to simply play or try out. These will include games like FIFA 14, Naruto, racing games, fighting games and more.

Consoles will be a mixture of Xbox 360, PS3 and a PS4 running with a variety of titles.

Entry Fees

Entry fees for this year’s event will be R50 or R75. Both cover your entry for both days of the event, with R50 getting you general access to the event, while R75 is applicable for those participating in the ‘Ultimate Gamer’ event. The additional R25 will be going to charity.

For more information on all the activities on offer at UCON, head to the Facebook Event Page. You can expect plenty of Anime, cosplay, comics, gaming an more over the two days.

For the ‘Ultimate Gamer’, please pre-register for the games you would like to participate in. This will help us better prepare.