This article is an unedited version of a piece written by Zombie Dredd and published in the Tech Magazine: Issue 68 April 2019.

In the market for console accessories and peripherals? As a gamer you most likely are, then maybe you should consider the following range of products from Sparkfox (locally distributed by Syntech). The products are available at most gaming retail shops and online retailers.


If fighting games are your preference but the standard controller just lacks the perfect combination of robustness and button placement, the MadCatz Fightpad Pro is the controller for you.

The wired controller is available in a variety of colours and priced very competitively. The PlayStation 4 (and PS3) Fightpad features an ‘enhanced fighting-style d-pad’, an arcade-style six-button layout and the ability to swop trigger and shoulder button functionality.

Whether the controller can truly make you a master in your fighting game of choice is debatable. However, I certainly felt more confident using the controller and found that the button placements felt more intuitive than using a traditional controller. And the d-pad offered more fighter control than those found on standard controllers.


If the MadCatz Fightpad is just not enough controller for you, then the Sparkfox Arcade Controller is probably for you.

It’s obviously going to cost you quite a bit more than the MadCatz but you get a lot of controller for your money. It is compatible with PC, PS4 and Xbox One but manages to remind one of the golden era of the arcades.

It comes with a traditional stick for optimised player control and eight buttons – all of which are high quality and should stand up to any beating dished out. It also features a customisable faceplate, meaning you can be yourself in a crowd.

While some may be tempted to import other brands, for those looking locally, this controller is more than worth considering.


With mobile games proving to be more popular than ever (probably thanks to Fortnite in recent times), fiddling with the touchscreen is just not the best way to enjoy your pastime on the go.

This Android and PC compatible controller connects to your phone via Bluetooth. It features an Xbox One controller inspired layout, making it immediately familiar and comfortable, and ensuring your quick fix is as much of a quality experience as possible. Just ensure your batteries are charged.

It is also compatible with your PC via a USB connection and costs a little less than the Xbox One controller, making it a good option for those looking.



In this day and age, some controllers still require batteries and the charging thereof. To ensure your gaming on the Xbox One continues undeterred, Sparkfox has a number of battery charging options to consider.

The Dual Charge Docking Station comes with two rechargeable and moulded batteries and allows for charging (and storing) two controllers at a time. While docked, they aren’t usable but just remember to charge overnight and you will be prepared for action. You could of course play and charge one with a USB cable.

Or grab the Battery Pack with comes with one battery and a USB. At around R200, it might seem a little steep but if you power through standard batteries at an alarming rate, this should prove better valuable over time.

Distributed by: Syntech and available at most retailers of games and gaming gear