This past weekend, the ‘official South African FIFA esports team’ found themselves in action against the world’s best in the FIFA eNations Cup. The action unfolded live in London, and while South Africa were knocked out in the group phase of the competition, there are a few positives to be taken way from the campaign.

South Africa were in Group A of the tournament, which for many was perceived as one of two groups of death. England, France and Saudi Arabia all had rights to the top two spots, while Finland were not pushovers. South Africa had to contend with all the usual pre-event issues our other competitive titles experience. Lag when practicing online, and a lack of experience in these venue-based high profile events. These will always be contributing factors in South African performance overseas. The players from the other countries all generally get constant competition against the other top ranked players in regular tournaments and cups.

South Africa were represented by Shiaan Rugbeer of Goliath Gaming and Ryan De Oliveira Bastos of Sinister 5. While the players made a fist of things individually, it was clear that the two players gravitated to the 2v2 matches.

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