South African esports | Dota2 Results 16-10-2017

This past weekend teams competed in both Orena and Mega8 Dota2 fixtures. We summarize the results for you below.

Mega8 Esports Pro16 Open Qualifiers

The Mega8 Esports Pro16 open qualifiers saw 16 teams battle it out via the Swiss system for just 8 spots at the Pro16 League. Teams competed in up to five Best-of-One matches. Teams that won 3 out of a maximum of 5 matches progressed. The results were for Round 1 on Saturday the 14th of October:

  • Alpha Star Gaming 1 – 0 Clan-in-progress
  • Epoch eSports 1 – 0 Spartan eSports
  • Cloud’s End Gaming 1 – 0 New Text Document
  • Fallout Fear 1 – 0 DMC (forfeit)
  • Damage Control 1 – 0 Villainz (forfeit)
  • Divine//Sky Reborn 1 – 0 #AFK
  • Goliath Gaming 1 – 0 Nibble.Horde
  • The Goon Squad 1 – 0 Shockwave (forfeit)

Round 2 (Saturday 14th October):

  • Epoch Esports 1 – 0 Cloud’s End Gaming
  • Divine//Sky Reborn 1 – 0 Fallout Fear
  • Goliath Gaming 1 – 0 Damage Control
  • Alpha Star Gaming 1 – 0 The Goon Squad
  • Clan-in-Progress 1 – 0 Shockwave (forfeit)
  • Spartan eSports 1 – 0 New Text Document
  • #AFK 1 – 0 DMC (forfeit)
  • Nibble.Horde 1 – 0 Villainz (forfeit)

Round 3 (Saturday 14th October):

  • Alpha Star Gaming 1 – 0 Divine//Sky Reborn
  • Epoch eSports 1 – 0 Goliath Gaming
  • Damage Control 1 – 0 Clan-in-Progress
  • Spartan eSports 1 – 0 #AFK
  • Nibble.Horde 1 – 0 Cloud’s End Gaming
  • The Goon Squad 1 – 0 Fallout Fear
  • Shockwave 1 – 0 DMC (forfeit)
  • New Text Document 1 – 0 Villainz (forfeit)

Round 4 (Sunday 15th October):

  • Goliath Gaming 1 – 0 Divine//Sky Reborn
  • The Goon Squad 1 – 0 Spartan eSports
  • Nibble.Horde 1 – 0 Damage Control
  • Clan-in-Progress 1 – 0 #AFK
  • Cloud’s End Gaming 1 – 0 Shockwave (forfeit)
  • New Text Document 1 –  0 Fallout Fear

Round 5 (Sunday 15th October):

  • Clan-in-Progress 1 – 0 Cloud’s End Gaming (forfeit)
  • Divine//Sky Reborn 1 – 0 Spartan eSports
  • Damage Control 1 – 0 New Text Document

The following teams subsequently qualified for the Mega8 Esports Pro16: Alpha Star Gaming, Epoch eSports, Goliath Gaming, The Goon Squad, Nibble.Horde, Clan-in-Progress, Divine//Sky Reborn, and Damage Control. They join the 8 direct invites later this month.

I watched matches from the first three rounds of qualifiers on Kaameel Chicktay’s stream, which he casted with WilsonXXXL. A huge shoutout to these casters, as they did a superb job. It was some highly entertaining Dota2 to watch and I suggest you get on this duo when they cast future matches. You can head over to Kaameel’s YouTube channel here to catch some of the matches they casted over the weekend. There were other streams as well – head over to the official Mega8 channels to find more about those as well.

The best looking teams were without doubt Alpha Star Gaming, Epoch eSports, and Goliath Gaming. These three teams looked in good form and it’ll be interesting to see how they fare when the Pro16 starts properly later in the month. Congratulations to all the teams who made it to the next stage of the competition, I’m really looking forward to see how things shape up in the coming weeks.

Orena Reseeding

We recently outlined Orena’s announcement regarding their reseeding for their main OCS event. Despite teams not being paid advertised prize money, the reseeding for Dota2 took place this weekend. 8 teams competed for just 4 seeds at the main event.

Bravado Gaming, xTc Esports, Pulse Gaming, and Nibble Esports have subsequently qualified for the Orena main event which has been pushed back to 2k18. It comes as no surprise that Bravado Gaming and xTc Esports qualified comfortably. Pulse Gaming is the lineup that competed as Epoch Esports in the Mega8 qualifiers over the weekend as well. Nibble Esports did well to take the last seed, so congratulations to them are in order.

These four join the following six teams at the main event:

  • White Rabbit Gaming
  • Exdee Gaming
  • Energy eSports
  • Sinister5
  • Goliath Gaming
  • The Goon Squad

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