Skate 2 – Review (X360)

By Victor ‘rOgue’¬†Vieira


The EA Skate series is basically the anti-Tony Hawk alternative. While the Tony Hawk series was and is a lot of fun, many find it far from the real thing. You can do the most outrageous combos; the basic stuff is too basic. So EA went the opposite direction in creating a more realistic skating experience. They do so in hugely rewarding and entertaining manner with the genius ‘trick-stick’. This really is what makes this game. It requires some skill to pull off even the easier tricks, not far from the real thing. So when you do pull off the more complex stuff, it leaves you feeling totally satisfied. The trick-stick or flick-stick is different combinations of flicking the stick to pull off the different tricks e.g.: flick down to up is an ‘ollie’.

Features and Game play

The game has several different modes including career, freeskate, and online. So let’s start with what you really want to know about, the tricks. Skate 2 features twice as many tricks as the original, including foot-plants, hand-plants, rail slides, finger-flips, lip tricks, ollie norths, easier hippie jumps and lastly the ability to skitch (pulling on the bumper of a moving car while on a skateboard to gain speed). Skate 2 also features the choice of creating either a male or female character, rather than just male. You can also get off your board to get to some of those harder to reach areas, drop into pipes etc… Now you can move certain objects in the world, creating your own lines.
There are bigger and better tricks, and some huge skate-parks, where I for one get lost skating for hours trying to pull off the sickest highlight reels.
More clothes options board options and so on.
The keyword with 2 is more.


Bits I Loved

  • The genius trick-stick.
  • The new tricks.
  • Replay value. You can choose to do the actual career, or just ‘freeskate’.
  • Skitching.

Worst bits

  • It’s not always guaranteed that you will be able to log into EA Nation.
  • Not a big local online following.
  • Some of the tricks are a little close to each other and can be frustrating at times.


It’s a stunning game that deserves to have a big following as I am sure it does. If you have ever spent time skating, you will truly appreciate the feel of the game because of its focus on realism.

It can be a little over-whelming to new-comers, but anyone can get it with a little effort.

If a realistic skating game experience appeals to you, then I would get it ASAP.

Even if skating isn’t big on your agenda, I would still recommend you give it a go sometime.

This will always be one of my very favorite games.

Link to site for more info, screen shots and videos: Official Site