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Busy week was busy. And the upcoming week or so, is equally so. Remember to tune in to MLG this weekend as it’s the Call of Duty Championship in Los Angeles, and we have some representation (albeit rather tenuously now) in the form of Team RiZe who face a tough group which features US champions Strictly Business.

MWEB GameZone Masters Series

LETSGO_506x263This past weekend saw the semi-final and final of the first tournament of the MWEB GameZone Masters Series for Call of Duty Ghosts take place. The online tournament featured PS3 and Xbox 360 teams, and while there were prizes to go along with the bragging rights, the tournament also served as a seeding event for next month’s LAN.

The seven matches (one semi-final on Xbox 360 was mot needed due to both team’s being disqualified) threw up some tantalising and entertaining match-ups. Team Adept had both their ‘senior’ and ‘junior’ teams representing on Xbox 360, while Team Opulence went a step further  and featured a team on both platforms. In fact, they turned out to be the team of the day, with both Opulence teams making it to their respective finals, which they then took in pretty confident fashion – first against Cryptic on PS3 and then against Team Adept on Xbox 360.

For more in-depth coverage of the matches by the man who also took on mic duties for the finals – Mr. HoldenZA – head here.

With the LAN mere days away, one suspects Opulence are now the team to beat, but the event should prove an exciting one with many of the top LAN teams on Xbox 360 making an appearance.

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MWEB GameZone Intern Position

If writing about games, playing games, and watching others play games (and sometimes dealing with them moaning) is your thing, MWEB GameZone is hiring.

Applications close on 4 April, so get yourself in contention.

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Trenchtown FIFA 14

TTMar 14On Saturday 22 February, 20 eager players of that virtual football game known as FIFA 14 descended on Trenchtown. In that group were three pupils from Fairbairn College – now hungry for competitive gaming – and one young man who travelled all the way from East London to compete.

Aqeel was one of the ten players in the PS3 bracket and narrowly missed out on the final four playoffs when he came up against defending champion, Mubeen, in the loser’s bracket final. Mubeen went on to win 4-1 and set up the final against Jayson to determine seeding for the playoffs. Jayson ended in first place to set up a match against the second place player in the Xbox 360 bracket, while Mubeen had to contend with the first place finisher.

The other ten players were duking it out on the Xbox 360, until only Yazeed and Grant were left and battled it out in what was a two-legged final, which Grant took on the second try.

That set up the home and away playoffs with Mubeen facing Grant and Yazeed up against Jayson. Grant cruised into the finals with an aggregate win of 4-0, while Yazeed made it by the narrower margin of 2-1. Both the final and third/fourth playoff proved to be tight affairs.

In the third/fourth playoff, the players finished the PS3 leg 2-2, giving Jayson the away goals. However, the away goals meant nothing as Mubeen took the Xbox 360 leg 1-0 and secured third place with a 3-2 aggregate win.

The final was an even tighter game, with the away goal rule counting in Yazeed’s favour when the match ended 3-3 after extra-time in the second leg. Yazeed walked off with R1100 for his efforts, with Grant securing R550.

Pictures from the event can be found here.

The next Trenchtown event will be a free entry event and will feature Gears of War 3 in its ‘Wingman’ variant on 26 April. Details will follow soon.

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Two LAN events have been announced by Ivents, and partly detailed, with more information coming in the lead up to the events.

The first LAN is scheduled for July, and will feature “guaranteed prize money” of R35 000.00. It will be a three day event in Johannesburg and the 1,000 gamers can expect “various disciplines, PC, Xbox and PS.” Details will be live on their website on 14 April, but media outlets will be releasing the information a week before.

Ivent’s second LAN is dubbed the “BEEEEEG LAN” and will be happening countrywide in “spring”. There is a “projected” prize pool of R250,000, and details of the event will be live on 19 May, with the media getting the information one week earlier.


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Gaming World SA LAN

The planned LAN for the weekend of 11, 12 and 13 April has been rescheduled due to the event organisers feeling it was “unfair to the clans having to travel for the MWeb Lan and then returning back to Cape Town the following weekend”.

To ensure that there’s still something for the clans in Cape Town, they will instead host a “mini lan for clans who want to come and improve their lan skills” on 12 April. Prizes are still to be announced, but registration is free and now open until 7 April.

To register, email, with the following information:
1.Clan Name
2.Players Names , Surname and Gamer-tag
3.Captains contact details and Email Address.


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0m3n RSA PS4 Ghosts Tournament

Local clan 0m3n is hosting an online PS4 Call of Duty Ghosts tournament which kicks off on 14 April and runs until 18 May. There are no prizes, but entry is free, and may be one of the few PS4 tournaments doing the rounds, so get in there. Registrations close on 4 April.

More details can be found here.

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TTSA (SA Forza 4 Drift Community)

The dates for the upcoming rounds in the Championship Drift Series 2014, as well as the tracks to be used, have been revealed. To ensure you keep the dates free, head here.

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DoGaming League

The DGL Call of Duty Ghosts Xbox 360 and PS3 Summer Leg is drawing to a close, as it prepares to see the playoffs for next seasons various divisions.

On Xbox 360, Team Opulence sits top of two groups (A and D), with Team Concept holding top spot in Group B and Arte Conservatus heading Group C. With the top four in each group heading into the playoffs to determine their Winter Leg division, there are currently no major upsets, with most of the major teams holding their top four spots.

The PS3 Summer Leg is proving a slightly disappointing event. With only eleven active teams, the DGL has decided that the Winter Leg will be a one division affair. However, S4LT_ELITE and D2UXpLoD3 took their respective groups for the Summer Leg in pretty comprehensive fashion, winning all their games.

SteelSeries has been announced as the sponsor of the 2014 Dota 2 Championships. The sponsorship is to the tune of R50,000 in cash and hardware prizes. [More on DoGaming]

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rAge Expo

The 2014 really Awesome gaming expo  is happening on 3 to 5 October at the Coca-Cola Dome. Ticket prices are R80 for a day pass, R150 for a weekend pass and R450 for the NAG LAN.


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And so the website has gone live for the organisation that some appear to be pitting as the MSSA competitor. You can become a member for free and find out a little bit more about the organisation. More details and information will be added in the coming days/weeks/months, but they’re off an running now.

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And just like that, a few days after the SAESA does it, the MSSA has a new website too. At last. Hooray! Woot! Whatever…

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Upcoming Events

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For more events happening this March, head here.

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