SA Gaming Events this April


April is upon us already, and it seems that it will be one heck of a month for gaming related activities in South Africa.  So let’s get started…

April… Week 1

Friday kicks off with the GAP 2 LAN.  The second Gaming Above Perfection LAN is happening at the Pniel Millennium Hall and will cost you R100 per LAN seat of R30 per spectator.  For details, check out their website.

Due to kick off on Saturday (we’re trying to get confirmation still however) is the Dota 2 online champs hosted by Polarfluke.  It is an MSSA event according to their schedule of events, but we have no further details currently.

Saturday also sees two football tournaments (and titles) go head to head.  The powers behind FIFAChamps will be hosting PES Legends at Rafiki’s Bar on Kloof Nek Road in Cape Town.  Registrations are from 11am and cost you R25, with R500 up for grabs for the winner.

Meanwhile, FIFA 13 gets a showing at UCT’s Jammie Hall.  The Cape Town leg of MainGaming‘s Road to Wembley tournament will require a R100 registration fee with a prize of an all expenses paid trip to attend the Grand Final of the tournament in Johannesburg.  Winning that gets you to the UEFA Champions League Final at Wembley.  Get to the UCT venue at 10am to register.

The following morning, join MainGaming again at UCT for a free-for-all Black Ops 2 LAN.  It’s not free to play however, and registration will cost you R100.

In fact, the entire weekend at UCT is a gaming weekend presented by the UCT Gaming Society, and there are plenty of other gaming related activities open to both students at the University and those that are not.  You will see a zombie and a 2upGamer operating a Gears of War and Halo tournament, and Cape Town Showdown will be in attendance dishing out their brand of flying kicks and punches with a Tekken tournament.

Heading north for the last event of the first weekend of April, sees MainGaming host the Johannesburg qualifier of their Road to Wembley tournament.  Get to the GameXchange store in Stoneridge Shopping Centre in Gauteng at 10am on Sunday morning, pay your R100 registration, and show your opponent how to kick a ball around.

Blops 2 Championships_SABefore this week closes out, you should also ensure you have entered your team into the South African Gears of War Judgment Tournament, which kicks off online from 12 April.

If you only want to spend the weekend watching eSports rather than participating – you’re covered too.  Remember, Team XtaZ will be representing in Los Angeles at the Call of Duty Championship, where they will be up against 31 other international clans for their share of one million dollars.  We will link to the live streams and match schedules once we get them, but if you do one thing this weekend, support our team.

April… Week 2

Monday 8 April is the day of the first FIFA 13 tournament at Greenfields in Brackenfell.  The tournament forms part of the Liquid Blast Football Cup series and kicks off at 6pm.  The winner gets a seeded entry into the next 2upGamers event where they will play for a cash first prize of R1500.

The same night, your favourite gaming-site-with-a-zombie-theme-based-in-South-Africa will be hosting the weekly Trenchtown Gaming night.  On the agenda is the latest Gears of War called (by Americans) Judgment.  Free entry on the night, unless there are 16 or more entries for a tournament, and then you may pay to play because we’ll give you a prize.  Chainsaws rev up at 7pm.

Kicking off on Tuesday, and happening every Tuesday for the rest of the month is the MSSA Inter-Schools League.

2upGamers TVsFriday 12 April marks the one day a month many Capetonians always set aside.  2upGamers.  The event was delayed by a week to ensure the venue from last month was available, and promises to be bigger and better than 2013’s first event.  Happening at Trinity and kicking off at 7pm, attendees can expect to be entertained by a ‘Challenge the Celeb’ Forza 4 competition, a FIFA 13 tournament with R1500 up for grabs for first prize, plenty of sponsored prizes, Dance Central, socialising and the return of the competitive LAN.  Black Ops 2 will be the game, and will require you and a team mate to participate in a 2v2 objective mode based tournament.

On Saturday, FIFAChamps will be hosting their monthly tournament.  The guys can be found kicking virtual footballs around at ‘Lounge Relax Play’ in Canal Walk, Century City, Cape Town.

Saturday sees the return of DBNGamers.  Their DBNGamers Live event happens at Pizzetta on Davenport Road in Durban from 1:30pm.  Meet some fellow gamers, eat some pizza and try out Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 and Army of TWO: The Devils Cartel.

Once again, before the week gets past it’s halfway point, remember to register your team for the Autumn Season of the Mweb Ladders.  It should be a humdinger, and matches kick off online from 11 April.

April… Week 3

Both weekly Monday events make a return.  Trenchtown will be focused on some racing games, while the Liquid Blast Football Cup will happen at Games On Gaming Lounge in Rondebosch.

Friday 19 April sees two LANs happen almost on opposite sides of the country.  OC (Organised Chaos) will be at the Bellville Velodrome until Sunday.  LAN seats prices start from R150, with spectators paying R30.

In Centurion, dAZLAN will be hosting their LAN event at 290 Friederiche Street.  R100 gets you a seat (R80 if you are a lady) until the event closes on the Saturday at 8am.

A new FIFA 13 event on Saturday 20 April will happen as an invite only beta.  The Electronic Soccer League will – for the first event – run a full English Premier League season on one day.  20 players will randomly pick their team of the season and battle it out over 38 games each.  Spectators are welcome and the “season” happens at Lounge Relax Play in Canal Walk.  The full open league (which expands to the other divisions of England allowing for promotions and demotions) will kick off in May.

April… Week 4

The week kicks off with football.  The Liquid Blast Football Cup heads back to Brackenfell and Greenfields for another round of FIFA 13.   Trenchtown‘s Gaming Night will go back to revisit a little bit of a golden oldie.  Some Modern Warfare 3 will be on hand.  If the numbers work, it will be a 2v2 event, otherwise, everyone can just shoot everyone else in the face.

The weekend of 26, 27 and 28 April is pretty jam packed with three – yes, three – weekend events.  GAC LAN happens at the Abe Sher Stadium, Bothasig, Cape Town.  R100 is the buy in.  A weekend of games and gaming is what you get.

In Johannesburg, Eternity LAN & Gaming will be happening at Room Five in the Rivonia Village Shopping Centre [UPDATE: BIDVEST Wanderers Cricket Stadium on Corlett Drive].  Starting at 4pm on the 26th and ending 4pm on the 28th, tickets will be available via Computicket from 10 April.  If we called the event a “mini-rAge” we might not be far oof as it will feature stalls, console and PC LANs, table-top games and NAG…

An event that still awaits full details to appear is Comic Con SA.  What we do know is that the event is scheduled to happen over the weekend of 25 to 27 April.  It will be at a venue in Cape Town called ‘It’s A House’.  It has Marvel SA’s support.  It will focus on local comic book artists and writers.  Anime, cosplay and Magic will feature.  And we have been asked to operate a competitive LAN at the event.  As we said, details will follow, but the weekend is worth keeping open.

The MSSA rounds off the weekend with their AGM and Schools Provincial Play-offs both happening on the Saturday.

April… Final Week

IMG_6099April sees itself end with the Monday night regular of Trenchtown.  As is traditional, the final Monday of the month marks the day of the FIFA 13 tournament.  R20 gets you registered, and the kick off starts at 7pm.  Winners win stuff including another opportunity for seeded free entry in to the 2upGamers May event – and that R1500 cash first prize.

If all that is not enough for you, there is a little murmur doing the rounds of a few other events.  Let’s just say that you may want to find yourself a few partners for your console Black Ops 2 LAN four-man team, and leave it at that shall we?

Please note, if we have missed an upcoming event, it might be because we didn’t know about it.  As much as we pretend to be know-it-alls, we’re not actually, and need your help in keeping up to date with all the happenings around this place we all call home. You can also keep up with everything happening by visiting our Calendar.