This article is an unedited version of a piece written by Zombie Dredd and published in the Tech Magazine: Issue 69 May 2019.

Getting into PC gaming can be an expensive experience, but your comfort at an affordable price can be achievable. Sometimes, you just need to know which brands to look for. Redragon is a brand that offers all the necessary features at a price point not designed to break the band.


While this chair can be considered an entry-level option, for its price (around R2,800), it represents good value for money in gaming chairs. It is ergonomic designed, robust and fully adjustable. Height and arm rests can be set for maximum comfort, but the chair is not as capable of reclining as more expensive models. It features imitation leather which may not survive a lifetime, but should ensure the money spent hasn’t felt wasted.

With a striking look thanks to the red trim, the chair is both fashionable and will ensure you remain comfortable for extended gaming sessions.


You get all the peripherals you need in one bundle for around R1,200. This particular combo features a mechanical keyboard, 2000DPI mouse, gaming pad and headset. The weak link here is the headset, and it will be the first item you replace when that time comes. Mouse and mouse pad are both good quality, and the mouse is ambidextrous with six programmable buttons. The keyboard is responsive and features a red LED lighting solution. All are wired peripherals but expecting cordless would be reflected in a price jump.

This Redragon combo’s bang-for-buck make it worth considering if you’re in the market for a start PC gaming kit.

Distributed by: Syntech and available at most retailers of games and gaming gear