These days, there is very little you can do without when it comes to having a PC. Sure, you could get away without a headset or webcam, but a mouse pad? That’s a necessity if you have a mouse, and in most cases, yes, you do have one of those.

There’s probably a very good chance that you decided that a mouse pad is really just another mouse pad unless it has RGB. Years ago I realised this was not the case, when I did my very first mouse pad review. It was a challenge at the time, but it opened my eyes, and made me a real mouse pad connoisseur…

Or not. I am now more conscious of what will survive daily use, and what I actually like in a mouse pad, but mileage may vary and depend on your budget.


The Redragon Pisces Gaming Mouse Pad is pretty affordable. Its retail price is indicated at around R129. If you shop around, you may find it even cheaper. For the price you get a 330x260x3mm mouse pad. That bit of real estate will probably not be enough for gamers. Regular users however will probably be happy with the size, but they’re also most likely already enjoying a free mouse pad handed out to them at a recent corporate team-building event.

But let me get over my need for a little more space and point out that for those happy with the size, and in the market for an upgrade, the Redragon Pisces is worth considering.

First impressions are great. The red and black grunge-y print is striking, and the build quality is also quite impressive. The edges are stitched, which will prevent the layer splitting you are probably already experiencing with that free mouse pad. It will also help prevent the edge curling that unfinished mouse pads start developing when they’ve outlived their lifespan.

In use, the surface felt comfortable and soft, but my gut suggests it may not survive heavy use over many years. The mouse did glide with ease over the surface, whether using an optical or laser sensor.

The ‘anti-slip’ rubber backing on the mouse pad did exactly what its job is – prevent a flying mouse pad incident by ensuring the mouse pad stayed exactly where it was meant to stay.

The product information suggests the mouse pad is washable, and features a ‘waterproof coating prevents damage from spills or accidents’. I decided against testing these two features as review units are generally not ours to keep. Do I believe it based on my experience? Yes. Yes I do, but I would heavily suggest not using the mouse pad as a coaster.


Overall, the Redragon Pisces mouse pad is good value. You get a good quality mouse pad that really only lacks in size. If you are looking for a larger mouse pad, you could consider looking at some of the other options Redragon has available. Based on the Pisces’ quality, I am sure the larger ones offer that same quality but with the real estate you’re looking for.


Of course, it’s not possible to test a mouse pad without a mouse, so keep your eye out for our review of the honeycomb-styled Storm Elite mouse from Redragon. If you’re looking to purchase any of the Redragon products we review, consider heading to Raru via our affiliate link, or shop on the new local Redragon website.

[Ed: We await the first ‘but that’s not a piece of hardware’ comments. We know that. but it’s also not a game, so please check your technicalities at the door…]