Hi5_Logo Black_01And just like that, Hi5 (or High 5 or H^5 or H.5 or H5) resurrect themselves after a few years of struggling to maintain a stable team since their heady heydays.

The brand has been around since 2007 and have featured as tournament winners over a variety of titles, including Call of Duty and Gears of War. They have featured twice in this feature, with the first time being in 2012 and again a few months later.

They were also one of the two teams that (alongside F34R) that helped this old zombie realise a dream in 2012 when we brought the two teams together (from around the country) to play an exhibition Call of Duty LAN match at 2upGamers.

So there’s a good history there, and one we zombies are pleased to have been a part of. Welcome back High 5, welcome back.

It’s nice to see the Hi5 brand back with what appears to be a solid team. You basically picked up the old Team Adept – what brought about that decision?

One of the biggest problems with trying to acquire a squad is trying to ensure loyalty from the players to the brand. After trying out several different solutions, we came to the consensus that finding an already formed squad which had a good reputation was the best first move. The Team Adept squad offered exactly that.

They are a team that shares a similar story to that of High 5: They were once at the top of the competitive scene and are currently looking to relaunch themselves into the limelight.

You’ve struggled a little in recent times to keep a team active under the brand. Why do you think that is?

It mostly comes down to the players and team owners having a little too much on their plate. Well, that hasn’t changed, we believe that we are now in a good position to set more regimented roles which will allow for more sustainable growth for the players and the brand.

Who makes up the Call of Duty team’s current roster?

  • Andrew “Drew” Harris – Captain
  • Morgan “Era” Williams
  • Ethan “Eros” Jamieson
  • Chris “Strike”

Is the team localised enough to make LAN practice and LAN tournament entry a reality?

Two of our players are based in Cape Town, one in East London and one in Pretoria. So consistent LAN practice is out of reach. We, however, will be planning on attending the big events as a squad.

Will we see Hi5 expand to bring in a Halo, Gears or even League of Legends team?

Our main focus is our competitive Call of Duty team at this stage. We are, however, looking to expand. Currently, we have two competitive teams, one for Call of Duty and one for Rocket League. Other titles still remain an option.

What about an ‘old boys’ team? Pretty sure even Dastrix can still use a controller adequately?

The old boys squad will be around once we oil our wheelchairs.

Do you think there has been much growth in the local competitive scene since you formed back in 2007?

There has definitely. Not just relating to Call of Duty. We have seen South African eSports finally get some attention as of late, but its still not enough. It’s up to the MGOs to enforce professional behaviour from their squads at all times because you never know who is looking into our market.

What are the plans for the future of Hi5 in general? Sponsors with private jets and limos? Or simply to let your results do the talking?

We plan to bring this brand back to life. We will be approaching sponsors in the next few weeks after we have co-ordinated a strategy for connecting with our followers.

Thanks for your time. Is there anything you would like to add before you head off?

Just want to say that we are happily back in the competitive gaming scene in South Africa. We are looking forward to building on a brand which is synonymous with success in the console gaming scene.

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