VALORANT Cape Town servers are now live!

It took us longer than we’d hoped, but we can finally welcome South African players and offer them VALORANT how it’s meant to be played. The new local servers are located on Cape Town and will be part of our EU shard.

If you’re from South Africa and using automatic server select, you’ll probably land in the Cape Town server in the game. But you can also select it manually via the dropdown menu in the lobby.

Please note, South Africa does not have a Premier zone for the region just yet, so if players in South Africa jump into Premier, they’d still be choosing 1 of the 4 main Premier regions in EU. Our Premier team will use data from Stage 1 to determine the best next steps for South Africa and Premier.

We know that you’re excited to jump into the game! Please let us know if you face any issues via our Riot Player Support page. Otherwise, please share your excitement with us and your best plays too.

See you in the game!

[via Riot Games]