Johannesburg, 16 September 2021: Mettlestate, esports and gaming content specialist, has announced a new partnership with the popular South African streamer, Mama Succubus. Mama Succubus is a fulltime variety Twitch affiliated streamer. She plays a variety of first-person shooter games, but she also does a number of IRL (in real life) ‘just chatting’ streams to connect with her audience.

Mettlestate has signed Mama Succubus to be the brand’s official streamer and content creator. She will be posting content to the Mettlestate social media pages, assisting with content creation and participating in both competitions and charity events that Mettlestate runs. Both parties are giddy with excitement over this new venture. Mama Succubus says that “Working with Mettlestate would mean the world to me. I have watched them do so much good for others, and I can now say that I’m part of the team that’s responsible for that? Heck yeah! I think I’m also pretty excited to watch Mettlestate start up more tournaments and see in what ways I could get involved. These tournaments bring the ZA esports scene together, and it’s constantly growing even bigger, every day. I can’t wait to see just how big it will become.”

Mettlestate’s community manager, Carly Twaddle, recognises that having Mama Succubus on board will help the brand go even further. “Mama Succubus is the perfect example of a dedicated and talented South African streamer. She engages with her community, and in return her community shows her nothing but love and unprecedented support”, says Twaddle. “It is important for us, at Mettlestate, to work closely with our community’s content creators in order to bring the biggest and best gaming opportunities. That is the only way we will move South African esports forward. We firmly believe that this partnership will be game-changing.”

You can watch and follow Mama Succubus on her Twitch channel and on her social media profiles:

Twitter: @Mama_Succ

TikTok: @mama_succubus

Instagram: @mama_succubus

Facebook: MamaSuccubus