King Price has joined the gaming industry. The insurance giant has partnered with esports and content specialist Mettlestate to bring a great set of competitive opportunities to South African gamers.

Starting from October, King Price and Mettlestate will be bringing the ZA gaming community an array of weekly smaller cups, super cups and an ultra cup in the King Series, powered by King Price. Every month will feature different titles, including (but not limited to) DOTA 2, Fortnite, Free Fire, FIFA22 and Apex.

Here are the dates for October:

9 October
DOTA 2 cup
R1 000 prize pool

10-31 October
Fortnite ultra cup
R10 000 prize pool

23 October
Clash Royale cup
R1 000 prize pool

30 October
League of Legends cup
R1 000 prize pool

More dates will follow soon.

On the King Price landing page on Mettlestate’s website, gamers will be able to register for all upcoming competitions and even enquire about insuring their rigs, peripherals and other valuable items.

This new partnership is a game-changer. It shows just how seriously big businesses are taking the gaming industry in South Africa. “King Price joining us on this new adventure is going to pave a new way for South African esports”, says Mettlestate’s community manager, Carly Twaddle. “It shows that big companies can enter the space and help it grow. Gamers can finally see that these companies want to work not only with them, but for them. King Price is taking a huge step that will only benefit all parties involved, particularly the gamers. They finally have an insurer who is taking them seriously and wants to not only protect their gaming assets, but also help them and their community grow.”

For more information on the upcoming King Series tournaments and the partnership, you can visit the King Price page on the Mettlestate website here.