Inclusivity of Free Fire is growing its popularity with the female gaming community 

Free Fire has grown in popularity over the years because communities around the world have grown a liking to the battle royale genre and the various in-game and external content that the game offers. The game’s accessibility – being able to be played on almost all smartphones – has also led to its widening fan base.

There’s been one group in particular who seems to be benefiting from Free Fire’s inclusivity, and that’s female gamers.

With broader industry efforts to include more female shoutcasters, creating and developing tournaments, and marketing aimed at females in the industry, more and more females are finding their own space in the gaming industry.

Free Fire is paving the way in the mobile gaming space in South Africa, with a solid percentage of community tournaments roster participated by some female gamers. In fact, Free Fire has created an environment that attracts female gamers with the likes of Julia “Bish”Robson, Chloe Geraghty, and Sam “Tech Girl” Wright, with the latter having posted her love for the game on her social media.

“Garena has created a truly inclusive and welcoming space with Free Fire, and has given the women in the gaming scene in South Africa the platform to showcase their skills letting them thrive and conquer on their own terms,” said Sam “Tech Girl” Wright.

“It feels like a game based on merit. If you’re good, you’re good. The character and game design lend to the inclusive feeling, they’re fully fleshed-out characters with solid backstories that help the player with character specific traits, lending to advantages within the game,” Sam added.

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