Alien Vs Predator for rAge Expo 2020

On Saturday the 7th of November 2020, Bravado Gaming (from Team Alienware) and Goliath Gaming & DNMK (from Team Predator) will host a series of unique and entertaining CS:GO showmatches online, all in celebration of 18 years of the rAge expo.

What makes these #AlienVsPredatorZA showmatches unique is that each game will include a variety of players, streamers and management from Bravado Gaming (#TeamAlienwareZA) and Goliath Gaming & DNMK (#TeamPredatorZA).

Bravado Gaming representing the Aliens Goliath Gaming & DNMK representing The Predators
Andreas Cent Hadjipaschali (BVD Management) Ashton Golz Muller (GG Management)
Dimitri Detrony Hadjipaschali (BVD Management) Thulani LighteRTZ Sishi (GG Management)
Tristan Zozu Rens (BVD Fortnite) Michele Stickalish Brondani (GG Management)
Adam Neymar Bhamjee (BVD Fortnite) Julia Bish Robson (DNMK Management)
Kareem Kareem Khan (BVD Fortnite) Julio Beast Bianchi (GG FIFA)
Jana Saltymonkey du Toit (BVD Stream Team) Travis Travis Vercueil (GG Fortnite)
One lucky Alienware fan who will represent #TeamAlienwareZA Odin Odin Wotan Hempe (DNMK R6 Siege)
One lucky Predator fan who will represent #TeamPredatorZA



The various showmatches that will be on display are:

  • 1v1 CS:GO Showmatch
    • Team Alien: Zozu (BVD)


  • Team Predator: Travis (GG)
  • 2v2 CS:GO Showmatch
    • Team Alien: Detrony (BVD) & Saltymonkey (BVD)


  • Team Predator: LighteRTZ (GG) & Bish (DNMK)
  • 5v5 Variant, Best of 3 CS:GO Showmatch
    • Game 1: de_dust2
      • Team Alien: Cent (BVD), Zozu (BVD), Neymar (BVD), Saltymonkey (BVD) and a #TeamAlienwareZA fan


  • Team Predator: Golz (GG), Travis (GG), Beast (GG), Bish (DNMK) and a #TeamPredatorZA fan
  • Game2: de_inferno
    • Team Alien: Detrony (BVD), Zozu (BVD), Neymar (BVD), Saltymonkey (BVD) and Kareem (BVD)


  • Team Predator: LighteRTZ (GG), Travis (GG), Stickalish (GG), Bish (DNMK) and Odin (DNMK)
  • Game 3 de_mirage
    • Team Alienware: : Detrony (BVD), Cent (BVD), Neymar (BVD), Saltymonkey (BVD) and Kareem (BVD)


  • Team Predator: LighteRTZ (GG), Travis (GG), Golz (GG), Bish (DNMK) and Odin (DNMK)

During each showmatch, spectators will be able to tune into various vantage points from the game depending on which team and player they choose to observe from:


Showmatch & Times


Saturday 7 November 2020


Aliens Stream Links Predators Stream Links

1v1 Showmatch



2v2 Showmatch


19h00 Game #1

5v5 Variant Showmatch

Featuring a fan on #TeamAlienwareZA  and a fan on #TeamPredatorZA


20h00 Game #2

5v5 Variant Showmatch


21h00 Game #3

5v5 Variant Showmatch



There will also be a unique opportunity for the gaming community to get involved and participate in a showmatch. Leading up to rAge weekend, fans can share an image of their favourite Alienware or Predator product on social media and tell #TeamAlienwareZA or #TeamPredatorZA why they deserve to be picked to join their favourite team. From here, each team will randomly choose one fan to join their respective roster to play in the first of the best of three 5v5 variant CS:GO matches. The fans selected will also receive awesome prizes from their team of choice, including an Alienware monitor from #TeamAlienwareZA and a Predator monitor from #TeamPredatorZA. The winners of these giveaways must be able to play in the showmatch on Saturday at 19h00 in order to claim their monitor prize. More information can be found on the various teams’ social media channels. 

*For more information on the #AlienVsPredatorZA showmatch schedules, stream links, fan competition and more, be sure to check out: