South Africa, 17 August 2023 — ACGL (African Cyber Gaming League), a leading esports tournament operator in South Africa, and Clear Access, a prominent ISP known for its groundbreaking ‘Quark’ product, are excited to announce their strategic partnership to further enhance the esports landscape in the region.

ACGL has been at the forefront of esports development in South Africa, fostering growth and opportunities at various levels, including schools, universities, and the wider gaming community. With a commitment to nurturing grassroots esports for a sustainable future, ACGL has created a thriving platform that spans across multiple gaming platforms, including mobile, console, and PC gaming.

Clear Access, has carved a niche for itself as a provider of top-notch connectivity solutions, with a specific focus on optimizing online experiences for gamers. The ‘Quark’ product offered by Clear Access is designed to address the critical connectivity needs of gamers, delivering superior speed, low latency, and efficient traffic prioritization. The optimizing connectivity and prioritizing internet traffic for both local and international servers further elevates the internet experience, ensuring quicker load times and smoother gaming sessions.

The partnership between ACGL and Clear Access arises from a shared vision to bring more structure to the esports ecosystem in South Africa. By pooling their expertise, ACGL and Clear Access aim to create enhanced opportunities for players, students, and enthusiasts alike. This collaboration will pave the way for more regular cash tournaments, events, and partnerships, including integration of ‘Quark’ technology at ACGL’s events, ensuring peak network performance for participants.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Clear Access,” said Nicholas Holden, Managing Director at ACGL. “This partnership is a significant step toward providing our gaming community with even more exciting experiences. Clear Access understands the unique requirements of gamers, and with ‘Quark,’ we are confident in delivering the best-in-class network connectivity to our players.”

Players and fans can expect a multitude of benefits from this partnership. “Quark by Clear Access is dedicated to making the gaming experience faster, more rewarding, and seamlessly connected,” commented Rob Nelson, Marketing Manager at Clear Access. “We are excited to collaborate with ACGL and empower South African gamers with the competitive edge they deserve.”

This partnership represents a new era of innovation and growth for the South African esports scene. ACGL and Clear Access are committed to working together to expand the reach of esports, supporting the community and driving the industry to new heights.

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