EEDAR, the leading provider of video game research and analysis, say the new generation of consoles are catering to a slightly older audience, and therefore offer a better opportunity to monetize content.

Speaking with GamesIndustry, EEDAR president Geoffrey Zatkin noted that if you compare the games available at launch between the last generation and new consoles [Xbox One and Playstation 4], the new consoles’ titles available at launch are aimed at a more mature audience.

The amount of Mature games being released has doubled, Zatkin explained.

“We usually don’t see such radical shifts,” he continued to explain.

“They are redefining who their market is when you look at who they’re targeting age wise.

“They’ve shifted away in some ways from an audience below 10 fairly dramatically. They are going for an older audience skew on this one,” Zatkin added.

Because of this, the research and analysis specialist firm says the industry has a greater opportunity to sell DLC or add-on content, and thus the next-gen is a “better marketplace.”