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Microsoft Game Studios vice president Phil Spencer has said that Xbox One availability “should feel a lot better than it did for 360” back in 2005. They want “people to be able to walk in the store and buy one on day one” without pre-ordering one. More on this, the cloud and independents on GameInformer.

The new Xbox One SmartGlass app is “about three-and-a-half times faster on Xbox One than its Xbox 360”. The app will also allow access to the entire Xbox Games Store and will contain a dynamic players guide mechanic. You can also use the app to search for a multiplayer game: “If you’re in the middle of game on your console, you can begin matchmaking for a multiplayer session through SmartGlass and you won’t interrupt your action on the big screen.” [More on CVG]

The Xbox Live Rewards programme is being revamped and users will now see their credits converted to the local currency. Once 5,000 credits are accrued they will be deposited into the user’s Microsoft account, at a conversion rate of $5 for every 5,000 credits according to Joystiq. The full details can be found on the official website.

Find out more about your safety and security, fitness and relaxation, and music and entertainment in Los Santos. GTA V is just over a week away now…

Capcom’s Deep Down will be a PS4 exclusive.

The full list of game modes for PES 2014 have been revealed by Konami. To see them all, head to CVG.

Irrational Games have made a small number of layoffs but have assured that it won’t affect BioShock DLC development “in any way”. [More on Kotaku]

Hideo Kojima has said that “Maybe the phrase ‘erotic’ wasn’t really [the correct word for]” when he said he wanted the Metal Gear Solid characters to be more appealing for cosplay. Although it does appear he meant “sexy”. [More on Polygon] Meanwhile 343 Industries’ David Ellis has publicly criticised the “erotic” character design, saying: “Our industry should be better than this”.

Kojima Productions Los Angeles has officially opened its doors. It’s the kind of place many would like to work at… See more on AllGamesBeta.

A (rumoured) list of Ubisoft games – including Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD, Assassin’s Creed Pirates, Rayman: Fiesta Run, and confirmed Child of Light – have been leaked ahead the company’s Digital Day event next week. [via NeoGAF]

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon might be getting a boxed retail release. The download version of the game has sold more than one million copies. [More on GameInformer]

Zenimax had trademarked Soulburst, which according to the application is a “computer game software”. That is all that’s known for now. [via AllGamesBeta]

Rebellion Games has announced that the “return to Berlin” will be Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2 for PC. The sequel may be released on the Xbox One and PS4 in the future.

The first patch for Rome 2: Total War on PC has been released, with a second one promised. For full details of the patch, head here.


The GTA V in-game commercials in one place for your enjoyment.

The weapon customisations have been detailed for Battlefield 4.

New footage has arrived for DriveClub.

F1 2013 Monza hot lap video.

The TV ad for FIFA 14.

A Ryse: Son of Rome developer diary which focuses on combat.

Meet the zombie classes in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare.

Watch a character get made for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

The first North American TV advert for the Xbox One has been released.

South Africa

On Sunday night, the MSSA South African Dota 2 team played their second Test match against international opposition, following their loss to Romania last month. This time, the SA team turned the tables on their Mexican opposition, in a match watched online by around 2000 spectators. South Africa beat Mexico 38 – 1 and 45 – 8 from the MWEB Mcave. Prior to the match, Mexico had an impressive record of 24 wins to six losses. Pictures can be found here.