News Wrap 03Good morning to you and your brain. Please feed on today’s Gaming News Wrap. It’s in your best interests. And ours.


Some Capcom titles and a host of Microsoft Studios games are on sale on the Xbox Game Store until 14 April. Discounts range between 38% (for Sleeping Dogs) to 90% (Home Run Stars) and include Gears of War, Halo, Remember Me and more. [More on Major Nelson]

On Friday, Rockstar will introduce the GTA Online Capture Creator. Until the content launches you can earn double GTA$ & RP on Capture Jobs right now. [More on Rockstar Newswire]

A new patch is inbound for for Titanfall, which will fix issues that were brought on by the previous patch. Some players are reporting issues finding games. [via Twitter]

A demo for EA Sports UFC has been confirmed. When or which platforms is still to be confirmed. [via Twitter]

The first ID@Xbox game, Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut, is now available for Xbox One.

The US PS Store has been updated and brings pre-orders (Child of Light), new games (including free to download Final Fantasy XIV for PS4), app updates, discounts and much more. Full details on PlayStation Blog.

A title update for The Elder Scrolls Online is now available. It fixes progression blocking issues, introduces crafting, economy and tweaks the UI. [More on CVG]

Watch_Dogs looks set to get post launch campaign DLC and a new playable character via the game’s Season Pass. The Season Pass will cost $19.99. [More on AllGamesBeta]

Ubisoft has confirmed that Watch_Dogs on PC will require Uplay. [More on IGN]

An alleged screenshot from Dark Souls 2 indicates the ability to alter multiple graphics options.

Mercenary Kings developer Tribute Games has teased its new game Curses ‘n Chaos, saying it will be revealed at PAX East. [via Twitter]

UK retailer ShopTo has listed a PS Vita version of The Ratchet & Clank Trilogy. The listing has since been removed, but the eagle eyes of NeoGAF users spotted the product priced at £22.85 with a launch date of 20 June.


Peter Molyneux has told Edge that the Kinect “feels like an unnecessary add-on” to him.

The first episode of Game of Thrones Season 4 is available for free streaming on Xbox 360 and Xbox One until 14 February. We assume it’s US only however.

The Assassin’s Creed movie will be rewritten by former Ridley Scott collaborators Adam Cooper and Bill Collage. [More on CVG]

Tetris has sold 425 million copies on mobile devices. This number excludes free versions of the game. [More on VentureBeat]


Ubisoft’s The Crew will be out in autumn 2014 (or spring in the southern hemisphere). So here’s a gameplay trailer to celebrate. The game will feature microtransactions which will allow players t buy upgrades with real-world cash and in-game currency. [More on Videogamer] Screens available here.

Fortnite gets some new footage. [More on GameInformer]

A new gameplay trailer for Wolfenstein: The New Order.

The launch trailer for Kinect Sports Rivals.

LEGO The Hobbit launch trailer.

Some footage from a supposedly canceled Darth Maul game.

Jonny Gat from Saint’sRow will be a playable character in Divekick.

The PlayStation All-Stars ‘Ultimate Balance’ update is now out. Full changelog here.

An ‘Inside Sucker Punch‘ video.

Episode three of the Ghost Recon: Phantoms documentary series.

Dawngate is EA’s entry into MOBA, and has entered a public open beta. To sign up you must register here.

This trailer Disney Infinity 2.0 teases the Avengers.

Hotline Miami 2 brings chainsaws and dual-wielding.

If you reside in the US and buy the new PS Vita bundle on 6 May, you will score Borderlands 2 a week before its scheduled release. The bundle will retail for $199. [More on PlayStation Blog]

Super Smash Bros. is due on 3DS this summer, and will follow on the Wii U in winter 2014. You can watch the Nintendo Direct announcement below.