Breakfast Wrap 03Good day humans. Another Wednesday, another Gaming News Wrap. That’s how you know the zombie apocalypse has not happened.


From 7 until 14 October there will be a Destiny Iron Banner event that will allow players to benefit from their gear’s ratings.

Ubisoft “did not lower the specs for Assassin’s Creed Unity to account for any one system over the other.” This statement comes after an announcement that the game would be locked at 900p and 30fps for both Xbox One and PS4 “to avoid all the debates and stuff”. That being said, the “final specs for Assassin’s Creed Unity aren’t cemented yet.” [More…]

Halo 2 Anniversary‘s campaign will not run at 1080p but at 1328×1080 resolution and at 60fps. [More…]

The console update (version 2.1.0) for Diablo 3 is now available (at least for the PS4 in the US for now). It will be the first major console update of the Reaper of Souls Edition of the game. Details can be found here.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare will be a Cross-Buy game for PS4 and PS3. Details of how this will work are available via the PlayStation Blog. It has also been confirmed that buying the game on Xbox 360 will entitle you to upgrade to the Xbox One version for free until 31 March 2015.

GTA V reportedly requires a 50GB install on the PS4 and will support Move. [More…] Meanwhile, the game is available for pre-order on the PS Store and doing so before the 3rd of November will bag you an additional $300K for GTA Online. You will also be able to pre-download the game.

Iron Galaxy Studios has announced that their two-button fighting game Divekick will launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this week.

Sales & Discounts

The Deals with Gold this week (running until 13 October) include Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and two LEGO titles discounted by up to 50% on the Xbox One, and the same on the Xbox 360, along with Dark Souls and a Warner Bros. sale. Details can be found here.

The US PS Store is now live and the releases are jampacked. For PS4 there’s Alien Isolation, NBA 2K15, Styx: Master of Shadows, DriveClub and more. There is also a few sale items until 14 October, and details of everything available and their prices can be found here.


Crytek‘s lead rendering engineer Nicolas Schulzhas said that “it is getting increasingly more difficult to really wow people” with graphics. [More…]

The sales of the Xbox One in China have reportedly topped 100,000 in its first week. [More…]


MLG has announced the first Advanced Warfare Open Tournament, which they will host from 28-30 November  in Columbus, Ohio. That is until we announce one the week before theirs… MLG has also announced the first Season of the MLG Pro League for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. [More…]


The first Forza Horizon 2 DLC car pack for Xbox One is now available. The Mobil 1 Car Pack features six new cars, and costs $5, or is free with the season pass.

A Destiny player (who is obviously smarter than the rest of us) has found a secret Terminus area on the Venus stage.

You want some gameplay videos (and an unboxing) from the PS4 version of Sleeping Dogs? Your wish is granted…

The launch trailer for Dark Souls 2 ‘Crown of the Ivory King’ DLC.

The third Trials Fusion DLC expansion, Welcome to the Abyss, is now available. The pack adds “10 new tracks, 24 challenges, five achievements, and new objects for the track editor” at  a cost of £3.99/$4.99 or as part of a £15.99/$19.99 season pass.

Hugh Laurie, Stephen Fry, Nolan North and Tara Strong will voice characters in LittleBigPlanet 3.

Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies is now available on Steam. For free. Go get it. Shoot zombies. Again. Or actually be the zombie that kills. For a change.