Breakfast Wrap 01Good morning. It’s the Chewsday (we told you it would never get old) edition of the Gaming News Wrap. The only wrap that matters. Maybe.

Rockstar is working on a fix for users who have lost characters, items, apartments, cars and in-game money in GTA Online. Other issues are being investigated according to the game’s support page.

GTA V is the PS3’s biggest ever digital release. The game has also already passed the lifetime sales of GTA IV in the UK, and is the country’s 12th biggest seller ever. [More on CVG]

Call of Duty Ghosts will be getting dedicated servers across all platforms. The game will, according to Infinity Ward’s Mark Rubin, use a “hybrid system of dedicated servers and listen servers. So no matter where you are the game will always be trying to give you the best online performance possible.” The game’s matchmaking has also been improved. [More on CVG]

From today (8 October) until 14 October all Black Ops 2 Personalisation Packs at a discount of 25% with all proceeds going to the Call of Duty Endowment – a non-profit which supports US soldiers in their transition back to civilian life.

A second FIFA 14 title update is due this week for Xbox 360 and Ps3. The update is already available for PC and addresses numerous issues that players have raised and suggested. The full details can be found on EA’s support page.

Respawn Entertainment wants to “stretch the limits of what an FPS multiplayer game can be” with Titanfall. That’s according to the developer’s Drew McCoy speaking at the EB Games Expo in Australia. [More on CVG]

The Battlefield 4 DLC Second Assault will be available on Xbox One at launch as a timed exclusive. The content will include four “fan-favourite” Battlefield 3 maps redesigned using the Frostbite 3 engine “and enhanced to include new multiplayer features from Battlefield 4”. [More on CVG]

Want to find out what it will take to get 1000 Gamerscore in Battlefield 4? Then head here.

The Xbox One will automatically record gameplay of the moment you get an Achievement, allowing you to show off to your friends (and enemies) over and over again.

A new game based in the Sleeping Dogs universe is in the works. United Front Games has announced that they’re working on Triad Wars, but more details will only be revealed in 2014.

The PS4 mobile app will be available for the PS Vita on the next update. The app will also be available for free on Android and iOS devices. [More on CVG]

SCE VP of publisher and developer relation, Adam Boyes, believes that console exclusive games serve no benefit and are merely for bragging rights. [More on Gamasutra]

Warner Bros. has announced a special edition of Injustice: Gods Among Us. The Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition will be coming to PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Vita and PC on 12 November in the US and 29 November in Europe. The new edition will contain the original game all downloadable content, for the price of £49.99 on PS4, PS3 and Xbox 360, and £29.99 for Vita and PC. and yes, it does appear that the game will not be making its way to Xbox One at all, according to Eurogamer.

The first screens from Homefront 2 have hit the internet and are taken from a promotional handout, but are a work-in-progress. Head to VG24/7 for the images.

The three nominations for the Writers’ Guild Award for video game writing have been announced, and they are: Rhianna Pratchet for Tomb Raider, Mike Bithell for Thomas Was Alone and Graham Goring for Lego City Undercover.

UK console ownership has declined by 3% since last year. That, and other interesting stats (not really) can be found here.

The trademark for Half-Life 3 may have been a hoax. The filing has now been removed and the European Registration Office is refusing to comment. Boo! [More on CVG]

Amazon is reportedly planning to have a set-top box that will play movies and games ready by the end of the year according to the Wall Street Journal. The device is codenamed ‘Cinnamon’.

Valve says that their Steam Machines are not meant to replace the common-or-garden PC, and can even exist alongside powerful gaming PCs. [More on CVG]

The PC requirements for Watch_Dogs have been revealed. A common-or-garden PC is not enough.

SimplyGames – an online retailer in the UK – appears to be holding the clients at ransom. After offering a pre-order price on a standalone PS4 of £349.99, they appear to be trying to weasel their way out of the attractive price by claiming customers “NEED” to update their order and “MUST” choose one of the new console bundles which cost at least £65 more. It gets a little more sordid, but we’d rather direct you to Eurogamer to find out more.


The Assassin’s Creed IV ‘Tattoo’ TV spot.

The trailer for the Game of the Year edition of Dishonored.

Spartacus Legends ‘Tournaments’ trailer.