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The DLC maps planned for Evolve will be free and players will also be able to play with their friends, even if their friends have bought the paid-for DLC which includes new characters and monsters. [More…]

The final monster for Evolve (which will be released as DLC) needs a name, and Turtle Rock Studios wants you to help. Head here and vote before 1 December and choose the name of the monster from the shortlist of Juggernaut, Titan, Colossus or Behemoth.

Activision is reportedly ordering the removal of YouTube videos showing glitches in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. [More…]

Quantum Break features Lord of the Rings actar Dominic Monaghan and X-Men actor Shawn Ashmore. Their roles in the game are not clear yet. [via Twitter]

Limbo has been confirmed for Xbox One and will be free to a number of early console adopters. [More…]


GTA V has become the UK’s best-selling title of all time, after the day one sales of the PS4 and Xbox One versions took the title past previous record-holder Call of Duty Black Ops.

Irrational Games has begun hiring new staff  which confirms that the studio will continue to operate, albeit it as a smaller operation and with an apparent focus on digital titles. [More…]

Double Fine has reduced its staff by 12 employees and have cancelled an unannounced game. This was caused by the collapse of a publishing deal for the project. [More…]

Screenshots & Concept Art


How about a new gameplay video for Batman Arkham Knight? Thought you wouldn’t say no.

Get a look at The Dark Below, the first expansion heading to Destiny on 9 December.

Dark Souls II is heading to the PS4 and Xbox One. Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, will be out on 7 April and will feature the game and the three DLC packs. The new-gen versions will feature a graphical overhaul, but the compilation will also be available for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Total War: Attila will launch on 17 February 201, and pre-ordering the game will net you the first DLC – The Viking Forefathers Culture Pack – for free alongside the game on release day. [More…]

Winter is coming… to Warface. The free online shooter will be getting a co-op mode set in Siberia.