Breakfast Wrap 02Good morning gamers…

Let’s start with a Public Service Announcement: PSN will be down for “routine” maintenance today from approximately 5.30pm BST / 6.30pm CET until around midnight BST / 1.00am CET. [via PlayStation Blog]

Sony is holding back on announcing new titles for the PS4 until Gamescom. And apparently “there’s a lot [of games] coming.” [via CVG]

Sony’s Guy Longworth (VP in charge of PlayStation brand marketing) has said that physical games are here to stay as “the vast majority of people don’t want to buy online right now”. [via GI International]

Ellen Page says Naughty Dog “ripped off [her] likeness” in The Last of Us, and it is “not appreciated”. You can see her real likeness in Beyond: Two Souls. [via CVG]

The 27th of November is not the release date for the Xbox One – contrary to a listing on Microsoft says it is just a placeholder. To be fair, South Africans don’t give a toss, as it’s not releasing here this year anyway. [via CVG]

Microsoft is investing $670 million to expand its West Des Moines, Iowa data centre. This “expansion supports the growing demand for cloud services” they say. Respawn Entertainment reckons that Xbox Live Cloud will mean “cheaper dedicated servers” for games like Titanfall with less of the developer’s manpower required to manage the servers, as Microsoft “handle the deployment ” for the developer. Respawn’s Jon Shiring sounds pretty excited by it all, and you can read more here.

Hideo Kojima has expressed interest in integrating SmartGlass and Kinect features on the Xbox One version of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. [via CVG]

Crytek doesn’t want Ryse to be a one off. Maybe the gamers should be the ones that decide that. And if we do want a sequel, then it won’t take seven years to develop. [via Polygon]

EA is looking for testers for FIFA 14 Ultimate Team. You have to be in the UK however. Applications who meet that requirement can register here.

If you’re keen to be part of the Project Spark beta program, you can register here. The community-driven free-to-play game will be coming to the Xbox One exclusively.

A Gran Turismo 6 Anniversary Edition has been announced. It will come in a steelbook case and will include various digital extras, including in-game credits and special in-game liveries. Pre-order customers will also receive specially designed 15th Anniversary vehicles.

Nordic Games has acquired two franchises from Atari. The rights to Desperados and Silver have been secured, and one can now expect the return of these pretty long dormant IPs.

The sexuality in Killer is Dead (and almost all Suda 51 games) is meant to make you laugh, and not offend. Makes one thing of Dogma –
Bethany: Sex is a joke in heaven?
Metatron: The way I understand it, it’s mostly a joke down here, too. [via GI International]
Here’s a new trailer to go with that.

New Diablo 3 PS3 footage has been released.

A new Frostbite 3 video from DICE shows off Battlefield 4‘s “seamless reality”.

The Deadpool launch trailer brings Mayhem, Dubstep and Babes to your day.

The debut trailer for WWE 2K14 has been released.

Say hello to Leonardo in this trailer from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows.

Never heard of this game, but here’s the trailer for Girl Fight, coming to Xbox 360 and PS3.

Ubisoft is still supportive of the Wii U. Yes. Stop the presses. Someone cares. [via IGN]

Star Wars Pinball will be arriving in the eShop this July. For $9.99/€9.99 you will get three Star Wars-themed pinball tables (Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Boba Fett and Star Wars: The Clone Wars), traditional pinball, and an online meta game which tracks ‘the balance of the Force’…