Breakfast Wrap 02Good morning. An oddly quiet news wrap today…


The Dark Souls 2 Achievements have been revealed. Some contain spoilers, so only visit Exophase if you’re desperate to see what you have to do to score your 1000GS.

A Dead Rising 3 update is now available for Xbox One. While the update weighs in at that size, it replaces previous data, thereby not exceeding the 25GB total game size. The update appears to be preparation for incoming DLC but hasn’t been formally detailed by Microsoft. [More on CVG]

The aforementioned Dead Rising 3 DLC – ‘Operation Broken Eagle’ – will not feature a co-op option, as the the studio wants “to really drill down on a single-player experience and really tell that character’s story.” In fact, there will be no co-op in any of the four scheduled DLC episodes. [More on Xbox Wire]

Details of the classes, gameplay and first monster type for Evolve have been revealed. You can find out more about the hulking Goliath and more on Game Informer.

A Titanfall open beta is “possible” according to Abbie Heppe, community manager for Respawn and the game.

Resogun DLC is in the works. Developer Housemarque said via Facebook that they are “working on Resogun DLC and another PS4 project.”


Sony has patented a modular controller which uses connectable blocks, allowing the controller to represent a variety of weapons like guns and knives that can be read by the PS camera.  [More on CVG]


Kotaku reports that Harmonix was working on a now cancelled unannounced Xbox One Kinect title. No details were given.


The MLG Call of Duty Ghosts Winter Invitational has kicked off. The tournament – which brings together eight of the biggest names in console Call of Duty – runs until 7 February. Each team will play each other twice, with the top four teams then facing off in a single elimination bracket. You can catch all the games exclusively on MLG.TV. [More on MLG]

If you can’t get enough competitive Call of Duty action, then we’d suggest heading over to eSports Nation‘s weekly recap. The past week has again seen plenty of roster changes in the international scene, and they have you covered with that. Also announced this past week is that all online Call of Duty Championship qualifiers will now be best of five (not three), and coaches will be allowed at the Championship, but with restrictions.



‘Operation Broken Eagle’ DLC trailer for Dead Rising 3. Screenshots available here.