Breakfast Wrap 03Good morning. A relatively short, but news-packed round-up awaits. Go forth minions, go forth. Oh wait. The zombie apocalypse hasn’t happened yet.

R.I.P. Swiss surrealist painter H.R. Giger who passed away at the age of 74. He is best known for designing the Alien from the movies, but some metal fans will also remember his cover art for Danzig’s third album How the Gods Kill, along with plenty of fine biomechanical designs.


Zombie games feature as this week’s Xbox Deal of the Week. The specials on games like Dead Island Riptide, State of Decay and more last until next week. Also joining the zombie genocide are a number of Square Enix titles and add-ons, including Thief, Tomb Raider and more. [More…]

You can live the High Life now in GTA Online. The update is now available and features “tons of brand new content along with some exciting features added to the game experience.” [More…]

Sony has removed the text on its Watch_Dogs page which refers to the game running at 1080p and a 60fps on the PS4. And Ubisoft has announced the actual specs on console. The game runs at 30fps on both the PS4 and Xbox One and at a resolution of 900p on the PS4 and 792p on the Xbox One. [More…]

CD Projekt co-founder Marcin Iwinski has suggested that The Witcher 3 will run better on the PS4 than on the Xbox One. Ah, yet more food for trolls… [More…]

BioWare has revealed a $170 Collector’s Edition of Dragon Age Inquisition. It comes in a chest and features a lockpick set, a quill and inkpot and other trinkets. [More…]

Titanfall‘s ‘Expedition’ DLC will release Thursday 15 May for Xbox One and PC. It will cost $9.99 or be included in the three pack Season Pass which costs $24.99.

Respawn has added “extreme” 144fps support for Titanfall on the PC. This is part of the latest title update for the game. The Xbox One version has not received that framerate bump, but has received some tweaks and additions. [More…]

Krillbite has announced that it plans to release its “toddler-horror” game Among the Sleep on PS4. [More…]

A PC patch for The Elder Scrolls Online has been released. Patch 1.0.8 contains fixes for quest issues and blockers, in addition to fixes for the Mac client”. [More…]


Rockstar Games is working on an unannounced new-generation game. However it is not known whether it’s a new IP or existing IP. The game is expected by March 2015 as part of Take-Two’s current financial year.

GTA V has shipped 33 million units, which has all propelled Take-Two into a net profit for the 2014 financial year, despite recording a loss in the fourth quarter. [More…]

4A Games has revealed via a press release that it is working on “unannounced titles within the Metro universe as well as further, unannounced projects”, powered by their proprietary 4A Engine. They will also be opening a studio in Malta while retaining their Kiev branch.

Consoles & Hardware

Microsoft is reportedly planning to introduce cloud storage – via their OneDrive service – support for their music streaming platform Xbox Music. [More…]


Nine minutes of Watch_Dogs in this ‘101’ interactive trailer.

Touring Cars feature in this GRiD Autosport trailer.

Soul Sacrifice Delta is now available for the PS Vita priced at €29.99/£23.99. [More…]