News Wrap 04Good morning V…ery tasty gamers. Please ensure you fill up on this dose of gaming news as we need your brains to be pickled with facts. It’s much tastier that way.


Xbox One title, Kinect Sports Rivals, will be available from 8 April in North America and Australia, and 11 April in Europe.

EA has teased a new NBA Jam. On twitter they tweeted: “Retweet if you’re ready for a new NBA JAM!” At the time of writing, only 265 people seemed ready…


The Xbox support page has indicated which headsets will not be supported by the new Xbox One adapter. The Tritton Warhead and Tritton Primer headsets will not be compatible, and neither will the Xbox 360 Wireless Headset and Xbox 360 Wireless Bluetooth Headset be.

Respawn Entertainment have revealed that they assisted Microsoft fix the Xbox One controller’s “overly twitchy” input. We assume that means you will need to buy the new Titanfall controller to feel the difference. [More on The Verge]


EA‘s CFO Blake Jorgensen reckons mobile gaming won’t kill consoles but will help expand the audience for consoles. He told GameSpot that “it’s bringing new people into the gaming business, but I don’t see a day when it takes over the console experience. I think it will expand the console experience.”

SOE president John Smedley believes that sandbox MMOs like EverQuest Next are the future, while games like The Elder Scrolls Online could eventually run out of content. [More on CVG]

The list of nominees for the BAFTA Games Awards have been revealed, and The Last of Us leads GTA V by one nomination. The full list of nominees is available here.

Microsoft is developing an Xbox TV series based on the rapper Nas. [More on Eurogamer]

(Non) composer, Mamoru Samuragochi, has now admitted that he may have overstated his hearing loss. It, like his claims to have composed theme songs for Resident Evil, were “partly faked”. [More on New York Times]

The PlayStation Blog has had a facelift. We suppose they’d like you to visit and see for yourselves.

Screenshots and Concept Art


The EU PlayStation Store update has gone live, and brings ‘Left Behind’, the DLC for The Last of Us, Far Cry Classic, Lego, Killzone Shadow Fall DLC and more. Full details here.

Get behind-the-scenes with Respawn Entertainment as the discuss the Titanfall journey.

Gaemplay videos from CVG’s hands-on time with Titanfall.

The Xbox 360 version of free-to-play World of Tanks is now available for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. A 7-day timed trial is available for all other Xbox Live account holders.

A behind-the-scenes video with Ken Levine for the second part of ‘Burial at Sea’ coming to BioShock Infinite in March.

South Park: The Stick of Truth has gone gold. To celebrate, a ‘making of’ video documentary has been released.

The trailer for the recently released Assassin’s Creed IV DLC, ‘Guild of Rogues’.

A new version of the Lords of the Fallen gameplay video released earlier this week.

Beta details and other FAQs about Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn have been revealed and answered on the PlayStation Blog. The game will be out on PS4 on 14 April.

Star Sapphire will join the lineup of characters in Infinite Crisis from 26 February. The game’s developer Turbine has been hit with another round of staff layoffs. [More on CVG]

Scuf Gaming has revealed their Scuf One controller for the Xbox One. Starting price for these competitive legal controllers is $110 up to $140 and comes in a variety of configurations and colours.