ChutneyBoiOh come on. There’s so many jokes we could make about enjoying chutney with brains. But we won’t. That’s not a nice thing to do to our readers, especially when they’re our gamer of the week.

Go ahead.  Introduce yourself.  Don’t be shy. 

My name is ChutneyBoi, real name, Herman…and I reckon the question I get most is do I love Chutney…short answer, no, haha, the name comes from my first year in varsity when we had a braai and as true students we had a couple of drinks and it was cold, we had “braai broodjies” and back then I loved some Chutney on it, needless to say, it wouldn’t come out, I turned the bottle over, looking into it and splosh…all over me, as true friends, they pointed and laughed and hence the name was born. And I am 28…. 

What’s you platform of choice?  Why? 

For years my platform was PC, then in varsity I moved to XBOX, then first year I worked I went back to XBOX and I would say now it’s a bit of both. 

Can you remember the first time you ‘gamed’? 

Ohhhhhh, that has been a long time ago, I would say on the old TV Games system it would be Mario Bros, old school…oh wait, it’s been longer than that. I don’t exactly remember the name of the game but it was an old DOS based game where you could choose between different characters, one was  a doctor, a cowboy, an astronaut and some other people…damn…it’s been long but a wonderful journey. 

How long have you been gaming? 

Wow, since I can remember, I would say just over 20 years. Like I said, that DOS game was lekker and I enjoyed it. 

When do you think you’ll stop gaming? 

Well that’s kind of a hard question, I don’t think I will ever stop. It has been a part of life for so long. It truly defines me as a person in some sense I guess. I did move away from competitive gaming for sure as I feel I don’t have the time to commit as I did before, but hey, gaming for fun is what it is all about isn’t it? 

Are you a serious gamer?  Or do you enjoy a laugh? 

Most definitely not serious anymore, I love gaming with my friends and even when we try to do it serious now it turns out to be more of a laugh and trolling event than anything else. But every now and then I take something serious just to get that adrenalin rush back. 

Singleplayer or multiplayer?  

Oh it’s been multiplayer for ages now, but certain games you do have to play the singleplayer, Call Of Duty is one of them, other games is only multiplayer I guess for me. My first LAN was about 15 years ago, my school friends got together and we played Quake, CS, and Unreal Tournament, ahh yes, staying up late throughout the night and living of sweets and cooldrinks. Brings back some awesome memories. 

Is playing online important to you? 

I would say yes, I brings people together, for me it’s awesome to turn on the PC and see my friends online and then start a call with them and chat and play. Same for XBOX, there will always be someone online who I just jump into with in a party and get some games going. 

Are you a member of a clan?  Who are they and why? 

No I am not part of a clan, I was part of two clans a while ago but I decided that I was past my prime in terms of playing ability. I was then the manager of Liquid Gaming until they called it a day. I mainly focus on my Youtube now as well as my new adventure of Casting. I am the founder for iUdicium Casting, we stream and codcast matches and hopefully we can recruit some members for other games like Dota 2 or LoL. 

Favourite game currently? 

Ohh that’s a hard one (that’s what she said). I would say that at this moment I love Minecraft, I am doing a new Youtube series on it at the moment. I know this is kind of a weird one but I only discovered they joys that game can bring when playing with friends.

Secondly, I would say Battlefield 4, ohhh the sniping is lekker and then Call Of Duty Ghosts. 

Do you have any hobbies outside of gaming?  What? 

I have a few. I would say building my Youtube channel is a very big investment I am currently making, it is not easy but I think I am getting there. I also play cricket. 

You’re stranded on a desert island and a genie grants you five items.  Name them: 

A game: Uhm, well I would say the game I would bring is something like Mario Bros, cause I still need to finish it and that would give me more than enough time.
A CD: No doubt about it, Fokofpolisiekar
A movie or TV series: This is kind of a tough question cause I need a series that has been running long enough that I enjoy, so I would say either The Simpsons or Family Guy
An organic life form: Does this include humans? [We do consider them organic yes. – Undead Ed] Cause then I would most definitely take my fiancé
Something edible or drinkable: Water, hahaha 

What’s the most embarrassing or worst game you’ve ever bought or received as a gift? 

Ahh wow, I can remember this one very well, my mom gave me some low budget Tin Tin game, older folks will remember that, as a gift for Christmas when I was about 13. I was like OMG, but I still thanked them cause at least they tried, hahaha. LOVE YOU GUYS! 

If you were a game designer, describe your ultimate game design. 

We actually made a game for my Honours project in varsity. We had to design a game for XBOX and literally make the game from scratch. We went for a mixture of fables played by Star Wars characters, it was awesome. I think if I get the chance to work on something like that again I would do the same thing. It is a lot of fun and that will a great hit I believe. 

The zombie apocalypse has happened.  You’re facing down a ravenous zombie horde (which may or may not include members of ZG in bikinis).  What weapon do you grab? 

Firstly, if you guys in bikinis run at me, I will rip of mine and run towards you… (awkward silence, winky face)… [Erm… didn’t see that coming… – Undead Ed]

If I had to choose a weapon I would go for something more traditional…maybe a scythe, durable weapon…hack-n-slash for DAYS! 

In the aforementioned zombie apocalypse you humans are all toast.  Become a turncoat and assist the superior zombies or stay with the soon to be wiped out human resistance? 

I would say turncoat, I would assist the zombies and gain their trust, picking of one by one, working my way up the ranks, acquire as many brains along the way as I can until I have enough to over throw the current zombie government and then rule… [Woah. Deceitful human. We like it. – Undead Ed]

Thanks for taking the time to answer our silly questions.  What game are you off to play now that you’re done? 

MINECRAFT!!!!!!!! Well, after work of course. Need to get my new Youtube Minecraft series going! 

Couple of other things. Like I mentioned in the questions I have a Youtube channel: 

I make community videos, tournament videos, funny moment videos and gameplays. I upload videos from the community to promote their own channel and would love to do reviews as well, maybe for Zombiegamer :), (aka zombieChutney) lol. 

People can follow me on Twitter @ChutneyBoi or email me at

Thank you!!!!



PS, here is some brains as a thank you.


Oh alright. We’ll have some of this to go with it…


We welcome all gamers, regardless of age, sex, creed, platform or whether you’re human or zombie.  There’s no discrimination around here, so feel free to contact us if you are keen to feature in this column in the future at and we’ll think about – after you’ve sent us a sample of your braaaaaaiiiiinnnnsss.