Forza 2 – Looking Back

Zombie then and now: FORZA MOTORSPORT 2

By Cuan “Cracker” Robertson

With Forza motorsport 3 on the horizon, many race fans on the Xbox 360 are un-dusting their copies of Forza 2 in preparation for the third coming of console racing nirvana.

Forza Motorsport 2 is the follow up of the race sim hit Forza Motorsport that was released on the original Xbox. The Microsoft racing wheel was released at the same time and made for an awesome racing experience.

Forza Motorsport 2 offers over 60 track variants from 18 courses, including 13 real world, fully licensed race tracks. Your garage can be filled with over 300 different, fully licensed cars from manufactures from all over the globe. All cars are fully tunable, and most parts can be upgraded as need be. The game also has a full paint and decal editing centre that allows you to do anything to your car that your imagination and skill will allow.

On top of a full single player experience, there is also the in-depth multiplayer side, that supports split screen, system link and full online LIVE support, as well as a car auctions and online tournaments.


What Zombie thought back then…..

I bought Forza Motorsport 2 on release and as a motorsport fan was instantly sucked in. The single player game was challenging, but at the same time not frustrating. If ever a race became too easy or impossibly difficult, the difficulty could easily be altered in various ways, with the more gifted race car drivers being awarded more experience points for completing a more challenging race.

The amount of modification and fiddling that can go into each car is mind boggling, and unlike other games where modifications are purely cosmetic, every tiny detail effects the way your car handles.

The tracks look really good, with real world tracks looking the part with correct details on the side, and with the case of the Nürburgring, real graffiti on the track.

Car physics is like nothing else ever seen on a console. Realism is king, and having driven some of the cars that are in the game in real life, I can say that they did an awesome job in this department.

Overall Forza motorsport is the ultimate racing game that provides on all levels.


…….What Zombie thinks now.

After more than 2 years Forza Motorsport is still a firm favourite in racing circles. Its top class graphics, in-depth car modifications and high levels of racing realism have managed to keep this a firm favourite amongst online 360 gamers.

Numerous car packs and additional tracks can be downloaded off Xbox-LIVE (at a price) and have offered racers a few extra cars to play around with, but no new tournaments or single player depth has ever been added.

The single player element of Forza Motorsport 2 has long been finished by most, and there is no replay value on that side, as once all the cars have been unlocked, more money (credits) can be earned by racing online… which has become the heart and soul of this game.

Forza Motorsport 2’s online capability has always been where the real action is, from weekly online time challenges and race tournaments created by the developers, to the numerous online racing leagues that have been created amongst friends, there is always something to do, and someone pushing you to go faster online in Forza land.

The other great feature is that every track entered will show the fastest times from around the world in your particular class. As well as your personal best, so tuning your car and trying to stretch out those extra milliseconds can become an all night affair.


Forza Motorsport 2 is an Xbox 360 owners must have. If you have not bought this game, or have never played it, I would seriously advise that you to get a copy, they are many discounts or second hand copies floating around. Even though the game is over 2 years old, the graphics do not look dated, and there are still many gamers playing it online so finding a challenge is no problem.

The only problem I would have is that as a casual gamer, racing against experienced racers, you might feel very over whelmed at times, and seeing that you are 9 seconds a lap slower than the race leaders can be demoralizing, but the community are always there to help.

So put your race gloves on, clean your visors and take to the tracks, because when Forza 3 hits the streets you better be race ready.