EA peter-moore-ea-sports-1EA chief operating officer Peter Moore has clarified on EA’s The Beat blog [as cited by Polygon] that not every game EA ships “will require an internet connection.”

Moore confirmed that EA will continue to create single-player offline modes for “many, if not most” of its future titles, in hope to deliver what fans want.

Moore was clarifying earlier statements where he told Engadget at Gamescom, that EA “don’t ship a game at EA that is offline.” Moore now explained that he was commenting on online-enabled features, including online multiplayer, downloadable content updates and social features.

“The reality is, the Internet and social connectivity touches every one of our titles today — and has for several years,” he wrote.

“Many, if not most, of our games include single-player, offline modes that you can play entirely without an Internet connection, if you so choose. We know that’s something many of our players want, and we will continue to deliver it.”