Gears Guardian League – Hold on, er, Holden

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By Chris ‘spiros za’ Hartley

If ever you have found yourself playing Gears at 01:00 – 02:00 in the morning, chances are there is just one lobby going, that lobby, 90% of the time, consist of Holden, Vandal and Doc [For our international readers, we are specifically talking about a South African lobby…these three clowns are not as internationally renowned as they think they are – (Undead) Ed].  The conversation that takes place in that lobby is nothing short of “WTF are we talking about?”.

From Yo’ mama jokes right down to Holden’s undying love for TT (yes TT, he does love you and we can only imagine the children that could be spawned if you two should meet someday, somewhere…). It adds to huge entertainment and lots of fun. Holden’s quick and witty sense of humour (and killer sniper skills) makes him a firm favourite amongst the late night players…

Gears Guardian League – Gears, a couple’s game….

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By Chris ‘spiros za’ Hartley

Ever wondered what it would be like if your better half was just as much of a gaming freak as you are? We seemed to have found the perfect combination of understanding one another, knowing each other and enjoying games together (not that type guys, contain yourselves, pa-lease).

We scratched the surface on these two a bit to delve deeper into the minds of what makes a gaming couple tick and to find out what they thought about the ongoing Gears Tourney. As one can expect LittleG’s answers were short and to the point, like a man should do (we even do this when shopping…) and Shorty, well, let’s just say was a bit more “coloured in” (just the same as a woman’s way of shopping).  [Sexist male pig – Totally disgusted (Undead) Ed :D]

I sent them the exact same questions, BUT, I asked them to answer in secret and not let the other one see his/her answers…Shorty in red and LittleG in blue

Gears Guardian League – Here’s…Vandal…

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By Chris ‘spiros za’ Hartley

The Gears tourney is well underway and so far, a great success. There was a little bump to get over last week due to the SEACOM cable being down, but that did not deter or dampen anyone’s enthusiasm.

This being said, no matches took place last week and some teams are doing some double time this week to make up for lost time, plus, it’s FUN! A quick wrap up for the first two rounds and this is what happened.  In the first round OAP [PP] was put down by those crazy, lovable guys from SOC. OAP [NN] had a good clash against GZ, but GZ got the better of them in the end.  Then, in a bit of an upset match, the underdogs CP beat SC! Watch out for them guys, it seems they have a couple of moves up their lancers and shotties! SC bounced back against OAP [NN] and put them in place and in need of their Nurses… In a bit of a controversial match, WAS vs. VbD, WAS came out tops. There was a bit of hoo-ha about lag and some guys were not happy about it. VbD graciously stepped back and gave WAS the win – good on you guys. Then, in a match two teams were looking forward to OAP [NN] and OAP [PP] took to the cyber world for some Gears fun. [NN] beat [PP] convincingly, but it was an OAP lobby, and everyone is a winner in an OAP lobby (I’m still licking wounds and need to stay positive…).

I tracked down Vandal and he was none the happier to answer some questions for Zombiegamer. Let it also be said that T3CH-9 has been crowned COD champs, again… Congrats guys, no easy feat, or was it?! Let’s see what Vandal had to say about the COD tourney and how is finding the Gears tourney so far…

Gears Guardian League – An interview with…

Gears 2_ThumbBy Chris ‘spiros za’ Hartley

Come one, come all.  This is where it is going down for the next 9 weeks! Seeing as DOgaming/AGASA failed to think of the “other” shooter game aka Gears of War (yes, there is another shooter besides COD), one of our community members and boss man of OAP, Clint O’Shea aka dreddsix6six, has taken it upon himself to organise a local Gears Of War 2 tournament for the diehard fans.  There was a huge response, some well known names came to the game and some new names popped up and a total of 10 teams will battle it out in a point-a-game ladder for the next 9 weeks with the top two teams to play in a final to determine a winning team.

This week, we have the big cheese, Clint under the spotlight and asked him a few questions about his thoughts/feelings regarding the Gears Guardian League taking place.  This is what he had to say…

Tech-9…360 CoD Champs

Again…Yes, congratulations to Tech-9 for winning their second major Call of Duty tournament on the Xbox 360.  After winning last years AGASA with CoD:W@W, they went on to take this years CoD:MW2 tournament against Target Practice. Congratulations to both teams for making the finals, and our heartiest congratulations to Tech-9 for taking the winners badge. Catch some of the match…