Bioshock – The Story Behind The Story

By Chris ‘spiros za’ Hartley So, we were casually playing Gears Of War 2 (as usual) and waiting in the lobby for the next game to start when someone popped up with the question “has anyone played Bioshock?” There was an immediate reaction of great positivity towards it, even after nearly 2 years since its release. Everyone was commenting how…

Forza 2 – Looking Back

Zombie then and now: FORZA MOTORSPORT 2

By Cuan “Cracker” Robertson

With Forza motorsport 3 on the horizon, many race fans on the Xbox 360 are un-dusting their copies of Forza 2 in preparation for the third coming of console racing nirvana.

Forza Motorsport 2 is the follow up of the race sim hit Forza Motorsport that was released on the original Xbox. The Microsoft racing wheel was released at the same time and made for an awesome racing experience.

Outrun – Review (XBLA)

By Cuan “Cracker” Robertson


The Outrun series has had a very long and interesting life spreading from its arcade routes in the 80’s and making appearances on the Sega, Playstation 2 and original Xbox systems, always looking better, but never changing the core of what the game is that made it so much fun to play. That core being driving Ferrari’s at break neck speeds through traffic.

Skate 2 – Review (X360)

By Victor ‘rOgue’ Vieira


The EA Skate series is basically the anti-Tony Hawk alternative. While the Tony Hawk series was and is a lot of fun, many find it far from the real thing. You can do the most outrageous combos; the basic stuff is too basic. So EA went the opposite direction in creating a more realistic skating experience. They do so in hugely rewarding and entertaining manner with the genius ‘trick-stick’. This really is what makes this game. It requires some skill to pull off even the easier tricks, not far from the real thing. So when you do pull off the more complex stuff, it leaves you feeling totally satisfied. The trick-stick or flick-stick is different combinations of flicking the stick to pull off the different tricks e.g.: flick down to up is an ‘ollie’.

Prince of Persia – Review (X360)

By Clinton “dreddsix6six” O’Shea


This latest incarnation of the Prince of Persia is the seventh (excluding various spin offs) in a successful series of Action Platform games.  Its Arabian Nights motif is a refreshing change from all the cutesy settings usually associated with this genre.  It uses a relatively simple gaming mechanic to draw you in.  You move along treacherous outcrops, projecting poles, hanging posts and wall run to get from one point on the map to another.  While the fear of falling always exists, you are joined on this little adventure by the not altogether ugly, Elika, the Princess to your Prince.  Although she is not unwelcome eye candy, she has a real purpose too.  Without her assistance, some jumps would not be capable by you and your skills.  She is also a saviour.  Fall, and she can magically return you to the closest point of safety, meaning progression through the game is relatively simple.  Together, your job seems simple enough – run, jump, climb, fight and heal your way through the corrupted lands and bring light to the darkness.  And kill main enchilada of the bad dudes, Ahriman.  Sucks being the hero, doesn’t it?