inFamous – Review (PS3)

By PsiCoNaut


I think the worst problem with this game is that I played it after [prototype]. With that been said, it must be stated that this game is not bad by any means. In fact, it is quite an awesome game, with a very well told comic-book style story. You play a guy named Cole MacGrath, living and working as a bike messenger (and oddly enough there does not seem to be any bikes at all in the game), in Empire City.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Review (X360)

by Victor ‘r0gue’ Vieira


Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, a story of the McCall brothers caught up in the Civil-War era in the Wild West. They leave their family land in Georgia, following their greed all the way to the Aztec ruins in Mexico. The brothers’ common lust for a woman provides a back-drop to the story that you follow through out the game.

Developed by Techland and published by Ubisoft, you get to be a cowboy in a ‘shoot-em-up’ FPS, with some unique and wonderful touches. The game uses the Chrome engine 4, which they use to create new some features, different to the norm with the FPS genre.

Quantum of Solace 007 – Review (X360)

by Victor ‘r0gue’ Vieira


I recently broke my thumb-rule of ‘no movie based games’. They are usually a huge let down, and I can’t remember a good one. The James Bond series has to be a favorite amongst most males and who can say they’ve never wanted to be 007. With all his gadgets, cars and women, he must have captured the imagination of every young boy at some stage. Then seeing as Treyarch developed and Activision published Quantum of Solace, plus used the IW game engine first used in COD 4 , it did give me hope.

X-men Origins: Wolverine Uncaged Edition – Review (X360)

By Janrik “J4NR1K” Oberholzer

Comic book tie-in-movies, Game-tie-in-movies, and now another comic book – movie – game …

I popped the game  disk into my console with a fair amount of trepidation.

Will it be another case of  big industry milking the gaming faithful? Or will the guys from RAVEN Software outdo themselves?


Become Wolverine in this cinematic action adventure game.

X-men Origins: Wolverine Uncaged Edition places you behind the metal ‘claws’ of 2009’s Mutant of the year.

The game follows the events in the movie fairly closely, with some liberties taken to flesh things out, and in many ways improve upon the very ‘noob friendly’ movie plot.

Mirrors Edge – Looking Back

by Chris ‘spiros za’ Hartley

This was one of those games I was not too sure about when it came out. I picked up a couple of times and put it back down not being sure if I would like it or not. Nowadays spending R550,00 on a game and not liking it will make a dent in the pocket somewhere. I had a couple of old games to trade so I made the trip to Canal Walk. There’s a little shop there that does rentals, trades and sales. Pretty cool little shop and you can pick up some real gems there, just keep going back once every 2 weeks and see what they have on the shelves. I traded Sonic the Hedgehog for Mirrors Edge and paid an additional R79,00 bucks, bargain! (Better than spending the R550,00!)

Tritton AXPRO Review

by Dion ‘bokka1’ Kets I have had a pair of AX360 headphones for just more than a year but they broke and I upgraded to the AXPRO’s. They are much sturdier that the AX360’s and a bit bigger but are definitely more comfortable. They have standard foam ear covers and a head rest but included in the package is faux…