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This week on PSN – Your Personal Details | Editorial

Playstation Network consumers are up in arms this week with the network being down for days and then Sony’s monetary system being compromised by the security breach.

So consumers details have been compromised and some loosing money because of this. It was promptly assumed that the determined group of hackers – Anonymous – were behind the breach.

So who do you direct your anger towards, Sony or the hackers?

Sony Officially Unveil Playstation Tablets

Since the launch of the iPad from Apple, electronic and IT firms have been hard at work to cash in on the new tech. Sony has joined in and officially announced its iPad tablet rivals, the Sony Tablet S1 which will reportedly reach the UK from autumn 2011. The S1 will carry the PlayStation Certified badge, which means they will be able to connect to the PlayStation Suite and so run a number of PSOne titles.

Japan earthquake blamed for low 3DS sales since launch

According to Enterbrain CEO, Hirokazu Hamamura, the devastation in Japan has cost the country’s games industry up to a reported $88 million in potential sales.

Enterbrain, a market research firm estimates that potentially up to $34.6 million in hardware sales and $54.2 million in software sales were lost.

Hamamura said the delay or cancellation of 31 titles, including titles for the recently launched Nintendo 3DS were the largest contributors to the potential loss of sales. Earn virtual currency by surfing and by making purchases, the virtual goods marketplace launched by Sometrics this summer, now allows gamers to earn Game Coins, a redeemable currency for numerous online games, through everyday online activity.  With the new GamerBar, a unique browser add-on, online game fans gain access to exclusive perks while browsing and shopping at online retailers, including Barnes & Noble, Priceline, The Northface,, and Best Buy.