Cape Town’s planned first annual gaming expo has been postponed until 2014.

An announcement was made on their Facebook Page and via an email.  The main issue for the postponement is due to a “trademark dispute” which has meant the event is forced to rename and re-brand.

The full statement:

We regret to announce the postponement of Cape Town’s first annual gaming expo to 2014. Unfortunately the GameX trademark was registered by another entity weeks prior to the announcement of the show. Without the trademark resolution, the show needed to be renamed and all logistics updated to match.

With this, and the requirement for a new event name, we invite all gamers far and wide to help us rename Cape Town’s annual gaming expo. Your passion and support will assist us in producing the best possible show in 2014, with all new and original components.

We thank each and every person who actively promoted the event, and gave us the hope that we are building on for 2014. A special thanks to the folks from 2up Gamers, Zombie Gaming [or Zombiegamer. But we’re grateful for the mention – Undead Ed], Mweb Gaming and the always awesome Mr. Hinds for your advice and support thus far. It will all be put to good use, just a little later than expected.

Please mail us on with any comments, queries and suggestions.

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