Friday is trailer day. Let’s see what we have.

This new trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past shows more of the scope of the movie. How is it that Prof X is walking in the past now? Also, how long is this movie going to be?

Eli Roth is one weirdly talented dude. I am not a fan of “torture porn”(or horror) movies at all, but I love the classics. With The Green Inferno, Mr Roth looks like his going to take on Cannibal Holocaust. I see a court case coming up…

Third Person stars Liam Neeson, and I think he kills no one… maybe.

Jersey Boys is also a thing that is happening.

Hollywood is now making movies about Hollywood. Case in point, Maps to the Stars.

The Rover has a big early days Mad Max vibe to it. No, really.

Some Young Adult love with If I Stay. Seems like Hit Girl isn’t just Hit Girl.

Now The Walk of Shame is my kind of movie. Gross humour with most of my favourite actors. I mean, Ethan Suplee is in this!

Remember that time when you went into the world’s biggest mass grave and thought everything would be okay? Yeah, not even once. As Above, So Below¬†trailer below.

Okay, here is a crazy idea. Let’s all just start getting naked around each other. Then stupid stuff like sex tapes and dick pics would not matter. That being said, Sex Tape should be good.


Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For. You should be very excited about this. VERY!