A new Street Fighter?

It seems as though a Street Fighter IV sequel could well be more than just a rumor. Capcom Japan has hinted to this happening recently on a Street Fighter blog. On the blog the game was referred to as Street Fighter Dash and even revealed some details.

Bonus stages will ‘probably’ be added to the new title which could be something like the original game’s bonus stages which I for one was a huge fan of – the car smashing etc. and they are listening to other suggestions on their forum.


So it looks like they won’t just update by DLC, instead going for a whole new title, which I suspect wont sit to well with the current game fans. This might not have been the best idea to announce or hit at a new title as people like me who have not got around to actually picking it up, will now choose to hold out for the new title.

Source: Escapist Mag