Sadly, as is the case with this sort of event, internet is a key ingredient, and it seems organiser Matthew has hit encountered unexpected issues with his line. It’s not working, and the ETA on fix appears to be unknown, while sponsorship on the bandwidth appears to have also fallen through. Current indications are that the event will be postponed, but some community members are working on trying to help out.

We will keep you updated on developments.


Local gamers doing good things is something we wholeheartedly support, and wherever possible we’re happy to push their work into the public realm.

One such gamer is Matthew ‘MaddMatt’ Sedgwick who will be doing a 72 hour gaming marathon in aid of Aut2Know ZA – a South African organisation that brings awareness of the issues related to autism, as well as assisting families and communities who are affected by it.

‘MaddMatt’ will kick the 72hr of gaming (because “sleep is for the weak/non-zombies”) on Friday 20 November and run it until Monday 23 November.

From the stream, 90% of all revenue received (from ads/stream tips) will be donated to Autism South Africa.

There will also be giveaways during the stream of items that may include CS:GO skins and even some PC and console hardware.

If you prefer getting involved rather than watching from the sidelines, you will be welcome to join Matthew while he plays CS:GO, Agario, Rocket League, BF4 and even (“maybe”) Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.

You will be able to watch the broadcast via his Twitch channel, and jump in and join him on Steam – his Steam ID is ‘itsmaddmatt’. You can also follow him on Twitter for more information.

We wish Matthew all the best in his fundraising efforts.