Megarom Interactive has announced that it will be the local distributor of ZOWIE gaming gear.

From December this year, the products (which are part of BenQ’s eSports range) will be available via a number of online retailers including Raru, Takealot, Evopoints and more. Products that will be available are mice, mousepads and a cable management device, so if you were hoping for the monitors, then you will have to find another way to get them.

Press Release:


Providing eSports athletes with the best gaming gear

Johannesburg, South Africa, 17th October 2016 – ZOWIE, a brand dedicated to the development of professional eSports equipment, has entered the market by signing Megarom Interactive as the exclusive distributor in South Africa.

Introduced in late 2008, ZOWIE has dedicated itself to manufacturing the best competitive gaming gear available that compliments eSports athletes’ combating performance. In 2015, the ZOWIE brand was acquired by BenQ Corp to represent the company’s eSports product line that delivers truly competitive experience and enjoyment.

“Founded by a group of decorated ex-pros, ZOWIE GEAR was designed for the sole purpose of enhancing competitive gaming performances. The concept of brand deviates a bit from the plethora of gaming peripheral brands on the market, which is ever more glamorous and flashy in appearance, instead, ZOWIE is all about producing the best equipment for eSports athletes. With South Africa’s gaming population growing, and the eliteeSports clans expanding, we want to make sure that the ZOWIE professional gears become a preference among serious and competitive e-sports athletes.” said Michael Chi, Country Manager of Market Development Division at BenQ Asia Pacific Corporation.

ZOWIE product offering consists of three product lines that will be locally available:

These products will be available from December 2016 at participating online retailers:

For product and media information please contact:

Alan Spohr | Accessory Brand Manager |  alan@megarom.co.za