Zombiegamer’s Most Highly Recommended Games of 2011

We like to keep things simple at Zombiegamer. We are not going to bore you with the numerous and pointless categories re-hashed and popping up all over the net. “The developer with the prettiest Aunt” award goes to…

Nor are we going to pretend we have a panel of experts to vote on hundreds of titles. No, it’s simple – a couple of guys, a whole lot of reviews and the games that we enjoyed the most this year. So no categories, just simply the ones you should not have missed this year.

Batman Arkham City

r0gue zombie says:
The only order or rank we could agree on was our very favourite, the sequel we all had high hopes, and the sequel that delivered so much and then some.

More open than before, more stunning toys, just as stylish and even more gripping than its predecessor, Arkham City is one of the most stylish and complete titles released in 2011.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

r0gue zombie says:
Another title that wasn’t argued over, and deserving of our second favourite title this year.

A rich story in an action-shooter title with loads of RPG flavours to it. Human Revolution allows you to play through the gripping story in whatever style you wish – be it Chuck Norris or James Bond-style.

Gripping story, memorable protagonist and beautiful art direction further complimented by the grand scoring.

Battlefield 3

r0gue zombie says:
The shooter battle was pretty simple with us – we preferred Battlefield 3 over any other first-person shooter when it came to taking it online to the multiplayer war.

DICE’s Frostbite 2 delivered crisp, detailed graphics, while the pedigree of DICE is ever clear in the design of maps, the weapons and other elements that make this shooter one of the most followed shooters out there.

We also like DICE’s commitment to releasing patches in timely fashion and EA servers being plentiful… Now how about South Africa servers?

Gears of War 3

zombie dredd says:
The conclusion of the trilogy seemed to hurriedly attempt to tidy up loose ends while suddenly introducing a host of new characters, however, it was still a polished and completely thrilling experience.

The multiplayer is brilliantly updated and the Horde 2.0 is an immensely successful re-imagining of the Gears of War 2 Horde mode.  But real credit should go to Epic for their highly entertaining but little recognised Beast mode.

Uncharted 3 Drake’s Deception

r0gue zombie says:
The Playstation 3’s favourite hero, Drake returned in 2011 for his best adventure yet. Story-telling in games is hardly ever this good as are the graphics fans of the series will be accustomed to.

This latest Uncharted title introduces a new combat system that will certainly please, along with the gameplay design that wins fans over.

If you have a Playstation 3, do not miss this one.

DiRT 3

r0gue zombie says:
DiRT 2 was a major revamp for the stagnant series. We loved the new design elements and features. It was simply the most fun offroad game that provided more than just rallying.

DiRT 3 expands generously on the famed design and refines the trademark driving design. Gymkhana was implemented in this latest installment and should have petrolheads entertained for hours.

Not only the best ‘offroad’ game, but one of the very best racing games you will find… Epic fun!

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

r0gue zombie says:
By no means perfect, but from the Western RPG giants. Simply the best RPG’s you will find thanks to the stunning interface, deep story and outstanding design.

An enchanting and gripping RPG.

Rayman Origins

r0gue zombie says:
Being a ‘core’ gamer, I never thought a 2D platforming title would make it into my favourite games of the year list.

Thanks to a flawless design, flawless gameplay, a beautiful gaming world, excellent scoring and humorous characters, this stunner easily slid into this list. It reminded me of the time when 2D platforming games ruled. Rayman Origins would’ve been top of that pile.

Dark Souls

zombie dredd says:
A complete and utter test of endurance.  One that I really thought I would not endure.  Surprisingly, the TV, console and all other breakables survived it too, as I had expectations of throwing each and every one of them against the wall.

The only game this year to have me screaming one second and air punching the next.  Stick with it, it really does reward your tenacity.

Saints Row: The Third

zombie dredd says:
Over-the-top and completely hilarious.  The anti-GTA if you will.  It makes no apologies for what it is and expects you to jump in to your latex gimp suit and let your hair down.

No other game this year had me laughing as hard as this did.  Killing pedestrians with a purple dildo felt so right while being so wrong.

Dead Island

zombie dredd says:
Nothing like the brilliant trailer led you to believe it would be, but probably the best surprise of the year.  Open-world zombie slaying at its best that may have gone on a bit long and repeatedly at times, but a game that will be the game of the year when the sequel arrives.

Forza 4

zombie dredd says:
Yes, to a great degree it’s simply Forza 3 with a new skin, but it’s still a thrilling drive.  The upgraded graphics, physics and AI make it one of the best racing games ever released and the increased lobby size makes the mayhem online even greater.  First corner car pile-up?  Yes please!


zombie dredd says:
This year’s first irreverent game featuring a drunkard for an (anti-)hero.  However, while some may be put off by the slightly crass and in-your-face attitude of the lead, the game is a fantastic first-person shooter with lots of new ideas brought to the table.  The skillshots had you constantly re-running your way trough a level of the game just to beat your own – or friend’s – best score.

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