The Official Playstation Blog has put together the list of titles to look out for in 2012 for the Playstation Vita:

1. Fifa Football

Release month: February

Description: The ultimate recreation of the beautiful game in the palm of your hand. Take your custom created player from youth starlet to world class pro in the in-depth Career Mode, and play against friends via PlayStation Network in the online Head-to-Head Mode.

Play it if you like: Intuitive passing and shooting controls courtesy of the touchscreen and rear touch pad, respectively.

2. Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus

Release: February

Description: Formidable fighting action set in feudal Japan. Carve a clinical path through crowds of enemies, play mini-games and enter first person mode to survey your surroundings thanks to touchscreen controls.

Play it if you like: Uncompromising ninjutsu combat you can really get a grip on.

3. F1 2011

Release:  February

Description: Jowl-rippling racing wherever you go. Lay down rubber in Grand Prix and Time Trial modes using the cars and stars that rocketed around the globe in 2011.

Play it if you like: Hitting the road as much as the real-life Formula One bandwagon, and racing just as hard and fast.

4. Rayman Origins

Release: February

Description: The colourful, free-flowing adventure featuring everyone’s favourite armless hero, Rayman.

Play it if you like: Exploring an endlessly enchanting world and learning new skills with a hero who never fails to raise a smile. This is classic platforming delivered in real style.

5. Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour

Release: February 2012

Description: A globetrotting journey that’ll leave tennis fans wowed as you dominate tennis courts. Start out as a nobody and finish as a legend in an innovative Career mode that combines fun mini-games with epic clashes.

Play it if you like: Smashing cross-court winners and deft volleys using touchscreen controls, and serving up two-player tennis with a difference in Touch Versus Mode on one system.

6. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

Release: February

Description: Spectacular beat ’em up action you can unleash wherever you are.

Play it if you like: Watching the likes of Spider-Man and Iron Man collide with Resident Evil’s Wesker, Street Fighter’s Ryu and many other famous names.

7. LEGO Harry Potter

Release: March 2012

Description: The story of the illustrious boy wizard’s long journey to face his greatest nemesis: the truly evil Voldemort. However, this being a LEGO adaptation, there’s considerable humour at play, too.

Play it if you like: Adventure, magic and touchscreen controls that enable you to cast spells with a swish of your fingers.

8. Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock

Release: March 2012

Description: A breathless Doctor Who tale in which you must guide the Tardis through time and space, and save Earth using your incredible powers of logic.

Play it if you like: The thought of stepping into the time-worn brogues of the eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, who lends his voice to this latest time trek.

9. Gravity Rush

Release: 2012

Description: A meeting of mesmeric art and mystical powers that makes full use of the PS Vita system’s touchscreen and rear touch pad controls. Break the bonds of gravity in an epic adventure that knows no limits.

Play it if you like: Defying physics against a stunning backdrop inspired by the best of Japanese and European comic book art.

10. Sound Shapes

Release: 2012

Description: Side-scrolling platform action with a musical twist, where what you do impacts directly on what you hear.

Play it if you like: Seeing your musical vision brought to life. Thanks to the PS Vita system’s touchscreen, you can compose music and create levels with intuitive ease, and then share your masterpieces with your friends via PlayStation Network.

11. Resistance: Burning Skies

Release: 2012

Description: A powerful depiction of alien invasion on PS Vita that lets you fight back as New York fireman Tom Riley, putting the front line in your pocket.

Play it if you like: Putting your finger directly on the trigger of some of the most devastating firepower ever conceived, thanks to touchscreen and rear touch pad controls.

12. LittleBigPlanet

Release: 2012

Description: A brand new, instantly charming adventure powered by your own creativity. Guide Sackboy through innovative touch-based challenges and then use clever tools to bring your vision to life.

Play it if you like: Letting Sackboy off the leash and into your life, everywhere you go. If you have an idea for a level, there’s no need to wait until you get home – simply whip out your PS Vita system and go to work.