Young Talented Producer/ Artist Commissioned to Remix Uncharted 3 Soundtrack

Kirk Spencer, a young talented Producer/ Artist has been commissioned by Sony Computer Entertainment to remix the soundtrack for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception – and the tracks have been made available to  fans to listen and download from Kirk Spencer’s SoundCloud page.

Speaking of the project Kirk said: “Uncharted 3 looks like one of the best action games I’ve seen in a while. It’s a game that I would take a day off just to complete. To be asked to work with the music from it is such a great feeling because I’ve grown up playing PlayStation Games.”

“I wanted to make the tracks follow the action packed theme of the game and be quite cinematic. It was hard at first because I wouldn’t usually be thinking too much about visuals but as soon as I saw the trailer I knew what direction I was going to take. I’ve given them my twist which is quite electronic and hopefully people will like what I’ve done with them.”

UK Product Manager for Uncharted 3: Kerri West commented: “We came across Kirk’s previous work and we were really impressed with his talent at working with non-western musical influences. His sound is perfect for getting across the adventure and epic scale of Uncharted 3. We’re really pleased with the final tracks because they express these values effortlessly with Kirk’s great use of synth, base and production values making them feel fresh and contemporary.”

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