Well, not you the South African gamer. Not yet at least. The Xbox One is not available in South Africa, and won’t be until September.

However, Xbox executive Phil Spencer says Microsoft is open to the idea of its consumers being able to loan digital games, and therefore the rights, or even giving them as gifts.

Speaking with GameSpot, Spencer says Microsoft are now looking at how to build the future of its digital marketplace, and hopes to implement some things that will “delight” consumers “beyond their expectations.”

“We believe in a digital future on our box… what that opens up… we understand what games you own and who you are and how you move around and who you might want to loan rights to your games or gift your games to,” Spencer said.

“We totally believe in that future. And any other marketplace you play in, these kind of mechanisms are out there.”

You may remember pre-launch of the Xbox One, where Microsoft initially unveiled what was received as constrained policies on the licensing rights of games.

Sony even poked fun at Microsoft, launching a YouTube video of the Playstation 4’s “sharing capabilities,” where Sony showed how one would be able to share PS4 games. The video humorously and simply just showed one person handing a game to another, implying how easy it was to share PS4 games.

So like we have seen with Microsoft and it’s about turns regarding Xbox One
policies that weren’t well received, it seems Microsoft is willing to ease up on the reins.