A Titanfall Xbox One bundle was posted and quickly pulled by Oz site Stevivor, but of coarse, not before a forum (NeoGaf) posted the spotting.

Eurogamer report that the bundle included a digital version of the game, a console with Kinect, a standard wireless controller, a headset and a month’s subscription to Xbox Live Gold. Interestingly, the bundle was the same price as the standard Xbox One package.

The bundle must be real as the edited article now explains that the author misread the embargo for the bundle, posting it too early.

Before we get too excited, we do not yet know when the Xbox One will be available in South Africa. Since Titanfall is due in mid-March, we would assume that if the Xbox One was releasing in March, in time for the game, we would know about it by now.

We could be off in our assumption – perhaps Microsoft SA will still launch in time for Titanfall, and this bundle will make it here. Titanfall would certainly make the package more attractive and considering the state of the Rand at this point, the Xbox One could use as much as possible to sweeten the deal.

We should find out a little more about the bundle tomorrow, as Stevivor says the embargo for more news will lift at 1am, 25th February in Australian time, in the afternoon locally.