Xbox One enjoying “unprecedented level of pre-orders” says Microsoft

Xbox One_Box

Speaking to MCV, Microsoft Corporate VP Phil Harrison says Microsoft’s Xbox One is enjoying “unprecedented levels of pre-orders” coming out of E3 and Gamescom.

The Xbox One got off to a shaky start at its reveal, receiving quite some criticism over some of its policies. Microsoft has since made some adjustments to its strategies.

Harrison says Microsoft has changed their strategies as such, but that this “doesn’t change the fundamental direction which” Microsoft are heading in.

The VP explained that Microsoft is confident with the Xbox One’s exclusive line-up, to which he says drew “almost twice as many ‘game of the show’ nominations” to that of its “nearest competitor” at E3.

“So the industry – the journalists – are voting our games as the strongest titles,” claims Harrison.

“We have an exclusive relationship with EA and Respawn on Titanfall, which is the most heralded game in the history of E3.

“Then we built on that at Gamescom, where we had a fantastic reaction to putting hardware into people’s hands and letting them play. And that has been backed up by an unprecedented level of pre-orders,” he added.

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