Xbox One closes in on Playstation 4 price in the UK


Maybe we shouldn’t be reading too much into this, but there may be hope that by the time the Xbox One lands in South Africa in September, the price will be closer to the PS4’s than when pricing was initially announced.

The Xbox One has received the biggest price cut yet for the Xbox One in the UK, and with a special bundle deal at one of the retailers, the Xbox One is actually cheaper than the PS4.

MCV spotted an ASDA promotion for a Xbox One Titanfall bundle listed at £349. A PS4 and game bundle with the same retailer is actually a little more expensive at £375.

As a matter of fact, the standard consoles are now only £30 apart, with the PS4 sitting at £349 and the Xbox One at £379.

Again, I wouldn’t get too excited, there is the importing cost and other factors before the consoles reaches local retailers. But as it stands, in the UK you can get the Xbox One for only around R500 more than the PS4, that is not considering the promotional pricing.

When the new consoles’ pricing was initially revealed, there was just over R1000 price difference, the Xbox One being more expensive.


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