Xbox 360 The Online Console Of Choice


I read an interesting article on Cinemablend about a NPD Group report that showed some interesting facts and figures about online gaming. And some of them came as a surprise.

The survey of gamers 2 years or older revealed that a respectable figure of 54% of gamers actually play online. I honestly would have thought that figure would have been way less. That said there are the obvious clues of every other game heavily focusing on the online element nowadays.

The PC is the oldest and still the most popular system to play online. A majority figure of 85% of online gamers use a ‘rig’. The Xbox 360 is second, with 48%, but what I was really surprised to hear was by the margin it is more popular than its nemesis, the PS3. The PS3 and Wii are tied at 30%. I would have thought that LIVE would be fetching more numbers over the PSN by a bigger margin.

So there you have it, statistics tell the story. The Playstation 3 has stunning exclusives, does not know how to spell RROD, it is a wonderful console and a great media centre, the network is even still free, but for online gaming ala console, the Xbox 360 is still ahead.

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