Xbox 360 Now Backed-Up In ZA

Powercare took over the Xbox 360 swap-out service from MiDigital in July. It seems since then, victims of the dreaded RROD are getting their faulty consoles replaced  alot quicker.

I have been looking up on them and have read many reports on Hellopeter and GetClosure sites that show that Powercare are doing a stellar job. There is also a poll on our localXbox 360 forum that has only positive feedback. So I think we can assume that we finally got the back-up that we needed for the Xbox 360.

Many people including myself, own two consoles because of the service we received when trying to swap a console out before. It took months on end for many people to get a swap, and phone calls or emails would be a frustrating experience, I would know.

I just contacted Powercare to see what they are like and my call was quickly answered by a friendly person who answered my questions effectively and promptly.

So from the team at Zombiegamer we just want to send out a big THANK YOU to Powercare. It is reassuring to know we now have the back-up.

Here are their contact details.

Telephone Numbers

0861 XB0X360 ( 0861 926 9360)
011 997 5000