X360 will still ‘focus on core gamers’

xbox natal

This comment was made to 360 owners of the hardcore gaming kind that Natal will “compliment, not replace” their experiences on the console.

In an interview with MCV, European Xbox boss Chris Lewis said: “From the beginning, Xbox has always had a very deliberate strategy to focus on core gamers and then expand the market.”

“Project Natal is meant to complement, not replace, the experiences [for this audience] on Xbox 360. We’ve reached new heights in creating a more natural and responsive gaming and entertainment experience for people of all interests and skill levels, whilst maintaining our commitment to deliver quality core games that consistently exceed expectations.”

So far, Microsoft’s line-up of Halo: Reach, Crackdown 2, Fable III and Alan Wake would seem to back that all up.  I still think I’ll feel a little foolish jumping around the Living Room playing Halo, but let’s see where this goes.