Will Sony’s “intriguing game announcements this week” include Gran Turismo 6?

gran turismo 5 mercsls

We reported earlier that the SCEE blog manager Fred Dutton last night teased that “intriguing game announcements”  are due this week.

“We’ve a busy week in the offing, with some intriguing game announcements planned,” Dutton posted on the blog.

CVG now note that Gran Turismo 6 appears to be a very likely candidate for an official reveal.

Gran Turismo 6 would certainly count as “intriguing”, and with several retailers listing the game for release in November for Playstation 3, an announcement sounds about right.

While the “leaky” Amazon has not yet listed the next Gran Turismo, well  known electronics retailer – NewEgg – started the November 2013 pre-order listings.

We will look out for the announcements.

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